Bursaries for Engineering 

Engineering is a striving and leading industry in South Africa. Studying Engineering means a high chance on job entries. Engineering consists of many sub categories and each has it’s own specialisation in the engineering process.

Luckily there are many bursaries available for people who want to study engineering in South Africa. There are many companies and institutions that offer Engineering bursaries to students with the right qualifications.

Each Bursary offered has it’s own requirements and it is important to read very careful what these bursary requirements are and if you fit the description. Things that are important when you want to study engineering is that you are qualified in Math and Science.

We created a list of bursaries for engineering for each category.Make sure to choose the right bursary that describes your direction of study.

Bursaries for Engineering in South Africa 2020 -2021

Mining Engineering

Mining engineering is one of the many sublevels of engineering. If you are going to study mining engineering you will use science and technology to optimize how to extract precious materials from the ground. it is closely related to Geology, Mining Surveying and Metallurgy.

List of Mining Engineering Bursaries:

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Civil Engineering

Civil engineering is all about planning, supervising and constructing of building, bridges, streets, tunnels etc. If you like to plan how to construct a building then civil engineering might be something for you. South Africa is in need of skilled Civil Engineers. Studying Civil Engineering is almost a guarantee for a job later on. Are there bursaries for civil engineering available you might ask? Well yes, quite a lot. See our list of civil engineering bursaries offered by companies and institutions below.

List of Civil Engineering Bursaries in South Africa

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Computer Engineering

Mechanical Engineering

If you want to work with heavy machines, operate them, maintain them or even come up with a plan to improve existing machines or build totally new ones, then Mechanical engineering might be something meant for you. There are many bridges, airports and tunnels to be build in South Africa and they are in need for mechanical engineers to operate and maintain those machines.

If you want to study Mechanical engineering and if you are in need for a mechanical engineering bursary, then take a look at the list below.

List of Mechanical Engineering Bursaries in South Africa:

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Chemical Engineering

Metallurgical Engineering

Electrical Engineering (Light & Heavy)

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Chemical Engineering (Mineral Processing)

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Metallurgy / Materials BSc Engineering

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Industrial BSc Engineering

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Mechanical BSc Engineering (with mechatronics)

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General Requirements for studying Engineering

  • You have to be a South African citizen with a valid ID Book / ID Card.
  • You have to prove your need for financial assistance.
  • You have to have an outstanding academic record with approval at an institute of higher learning.
  • You have to be from a previously disadvantaged background.

The possibilities are limitless in these fields of study as there are many companies providing bursaries in these fields each year.

Civil, Electronic, Mechanical, and Mining, Industrial as well as Chemical Engineering offers students a wide variety of work with different companies to look at, thus giving you a life that will never be boring.  There are even opportunities abroad for candidates who have completed their studies and work obligations if it is required by the bursary sponsor.

With any of these Engineering fields there are also possibilities of eventually running your own Engineering Company.  So whether you are into electronics, buildings, mines or materials there is something for all.  Become a productive member of society and rise above your peers to take the lead by studying Engineering.

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