Bursaries for Law Students 2019 – 2020

A number of institutes awards bursaries for law students each year.  These bursaries are made available for students who show potential but need financial aid to achieve their dreams.  There are a number of bursaries awarded yearly to South African students to aid the development of South Africa and provide skilled workers in a scarce field.

There are many companies providing bursaries for Law and you can find more information about these bursary programs here with the following institutes:

Companies Offering Law Bursaries in South Africa 2019-2020

Here are some of the most commonly found study fields if thinking about a career in law:

  • BCom Law
  • BA Law
  • B Proc
  • LLB

To qualify for bursaries  for law students within these fields of study, candidates have to have the following:

  • Candidates ought to be a South African citizen with a valid ID Book / ID Card.
  • Candidates must prove the need for financial assistance for further study.
  • Candidates must show a strong academic record.
  • Candidates must prove their dedication and eagerness to follow these fields.
  • Candidates must prove registration and acceptance at an Institute of Higher Learning.

There are a great number of legal firms within South Africa that are always looking for bright young, qualified talent to add to their workforce.

Some of the companies that provide bursaries will also provide candidates with work after successful completion of their studies and some are even obligated to join the firm for a specific term.  After this term however you are free to roam the world if that is what will please you as work in these fields is plenty.

Are you dedicated and really desire to study further within these fields?  If this is what you want to do with your life, have a look at the bursaries on offer by these companies and make your future come to life. There are many fields of law to have a look at once you have the basic law degree.

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  1. Mtshiloane Busisiwe says:

    I have just registered for bachelor of law at Unisa but I wont be able to further my studies because i can’t pay for my studies ….I would like to be offered a bursary

  2. Sheila says:

    Hi I’m currently in grade 12 and am looking forward to studying law next year. I am looking for a bursary to help finance my studies.

  3. Selusiwe Khumalo says:

    Hey i’m a first year student at the University of Witwatersrand studying BA Law and in need of financial help. It would mean the world to hear from you guys.

    • sabursaries says:

      The only way to find a Bursary is to apply for all of them. Please go to the companies offering these Bursaries and apply there. We have no saying in who gets a Bursary.

  4. Sharon says:

    Hi I am currently in grade 12 and I look forward to studying law next year but that will not be possible if I don’t find a bursary

  5. My name is Neziswa Nxathi currently doing grade 12 I am looking for financial aid for year 2019 I’m interested on doing Law LLB

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