Bursaries for Sport Management 2023- 2024

These bursaries for sport management provides financial help for students with their studies.  Sport Management bursaries offer financial aid to candidates that show the desire to study management studies but have problems paying for their studies.

Bursaries for Sport Management in South Africa 2021 -2022

For companies giving sponsors for Bursaries for Sport Management, candidates can have a look at the following institutes for more information on their bursary programs.

Here are some of the most commonly found study fields if considering sport management:

  • Sport Science
  • Sport Management
  • Human movement Science
  • Exercise Science
  • Event Management
  • Sport & Recreation Studies
  • Project Management

If you want to apply for a Sport Management Bursary, you have to find the specific requirements at the company offering these Bursaries. Down below you’ll find the most common requirements but it can differ with every company/institution.

  • Applicants must be a South African citizen with a valid ID Book / ID Card.
  • Students must be able to prove the need for financial aid.
  • They must have outstanding academic records with English as one language.
  • You must prove your dedication and eagerness to follow this field of study.
  • A motivational letter no less than 250 words long needs to be added to your application.

Sport Management

If you are going to study Sport Management, great care is given to professional sports management as well as sports marketing.  With these skills candidates can become managers in wellness, sport or even fitness and work can be found within many industries.  Students gain national and international knowledge to improve their skills in sports marketing, exercise science, and sports management.

Opportunities available will range from sports agent/manager, sports sponsorship manager, manager of adventure sports, manager of sports programs and recreational facilities as well as consultants in the fitness industry.

Without a great interest in sport and recreation, a candidate cannot succeed with these fields of study.  Sports managers are required to co-ordinate and organize sports programs for athletes and add quality to their lives.  Recreational professionals, on the other hand, can work easily with groups or individuals.  They aid in the promotion of wellness, fitness, personal growth plus healthy lifestyle choices.

Studying Sports Management might not be for everyone, yo should prove through dedication for Sport.  Are you a health nut, so to speak?  Do you catch every game and know the names of every player on all the teams?  Do you practice a range of sports?  Then sport management could be a perfect fit for you.

If you could not find the right Bursary for you, see our full list of Bursaries or look into another Bursary category.

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  1. This is a wonderful platform for people like who is already admited to study Sport Managent. I would love to get accademic financial support for 2015. I according to what I read on this site, the right person is none other than me. Thank you so much for this platform.

  2. This is a great website to get exposure to companies offering a bursary in sports communication.I am already accepted to study sports communication at the university of jhb to study.I am a young girl awaiting challenges in this field.I would love to get a burasry for 2016.Thank you so much.

  3. This is great to finally fined this site, as a sport science student this is what I need. I am studying the sport science programme as a first year in the North West university, I would be honoured to get a bursary for 2016 as I am already in progress with my studies through sport science. even for the next semester or next year 2017 I would be honoured.. I hope to be hearing from you soon. I thank you


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