Bursaries for PostGrad Commerce 2020 -2021

If you are planning to study with bursaries for postgrad commerce, keep in mind you will be learning about accounting, finance, management, marketing and so much more. Bursaries for post grad commerce will assist those in need of financial aid.

Many companies in South Africa offers talented individuals bursaries in this field. We have compiled a list of some companies you can consider in this field. Have a look at them here.

Bursaries for PostGrad Commerce

Here are the most common career paths in PostGrad Commerce:

  • Investment Banker – Corporate
  • Chartered Accountant – Management
  • Risk Manager
  • Operational Researcher
  • Management Consultant
  • Underwriter – Insurance

You may also look at the following fields:

  • Sales Executive
  • Marketing Executive
  • Human Resource Officer
  • System Analyst
  • Distribution Manager
  • Retail Manager
  • Logistics Manager

Postgrad Commerce includes the study of business and management aspects. These give you a wide selection of industries and businesses to consider when looking for employment. With a detailed understanding of finance, management, efficiency, operations and more, you could enter the construction industry, fashion, health, chemical, banking or even the food industry and more.

PostGrad Commerce Bursaries Requirements

Candidates wanting to study post grad commerce must abide by the regulations as set by each company. Requirements can include the list below and more depending on the company.

  • Candidates must be South African citizens with a valid ID document.
  • Candidates must have great academic records.
  • Candidates must have a need for financial assistance.
  • Candidates must have problem-solving skills.
  • Candidates must have exceptional mathematic skills.
  • Candidates must be able to function as part of a team and work well individually.
  • Candidates must show exceptional communication skills.
  • Candidates must be able to do research and creatively solve problems.

This study field also allows for further study depending on your intended career path. You can develop or hone your skills for international businesses, technology, finance and more. Take advantage of what life has to offer with a degree and enjoy the finer things.

Bursaries for Undergraduates 2020 -2021

South Africa is a diverse country with a variety of people, religions, and educational opportunities. However, becoming educated requires large amounts of money which are something that is not always available. Therefore, paying for further studies to get a degree or higher qualification is a big issue.

University and college funding per year can be between R20 000 up to R30 000 for minor studies. If a candidate wants to study a specialized profession costs could rise significantly. Many of the undergraduate studies run over a 4 or 5-year program. Which can make even the lowest fees almost impossible for a normal household!

There is other options for candidates to consider and bursaries for undergraduates is one. Candidates will be required to meet certain specifications and these will depend on the company or institute that offers the bursary. Candidates can also look at student loans, National finance, University financial aid and other options.

Although each bursary program will have their own requirements, there are some basic similarities that are needed by most. These stipulations may include the following:

  • Candidates must be a South African citizen
  • Candidates must hold a valid ID document
  • Candidates must have a valid Matric Certification
  • Candidates must have completed their first, second or even in some cases their third year of study
  • Candidates may need a diploma within a specific field of study

Bursaries for Undergraduates available

There are variety of companies offering bursaries for undergraduates, some of these are:

There are applications all field through these and more companies. Candidates may also seek financial aid via a University, funding programs or through National aid. There is also student loans to consider and external nursery funding opportunities. Each program will have a set closing date and information on most of these opportunities can be found either on a company’s website, through a University or other online sites.

Some may cover all fees, some may only give a specified amount yearly towards the field of study and other could cover half the costs and expenses. These will vary and depend on the bursary funding committee, company or financial institute.

Bursaries for undergraduates is a great way to get your life on track, to become educated and get your dream job. So if you know what you want and you have the motivation, but need financing, consider a bursary for undergraduates.

Full Bursaries/Scholarships to Study Abroad For African Students in 2020 -2021

There are a number of bursaries made available to South African students yearly to study abroad by different institutes from all over the world.  Study programs may include Undergraduate, Graduate, Master’s, Doctoral or Post-Doctoral Degrees.  Bursaries are for many fields of study and can be found in multitudes each offering financial aid that is different with employment benefits at a variety of companies.

For information about studying abroad, contact your selected institution as each offers a selection of options for successful candidates.  Applications can be made online and students who are interested in a bursary to study abroad can have a look at the following companies for bursary applications as well as additional information.

List of Bursaries/Scholarships to study Abroad

Students who want to follow any of these study fields are required to have the following minimum requirements to qualify for a bursary concerning all fields of study outside of South Africa.

Bursary Requirements to Study Abroad for African Students

  • Applicants must have South African passports.
  • Submit scanned and uploaded birth certificates or ID Book/Card, transcripts plus ID-sized photo.
  • References are essential for successful applications.
  • Candidates must be between the ages of 19 and 25.
  • Candidates with exceptional academic records will be considered.
  • Candidates must prove to have leadership qualities and be able to take charge of situations.
  • Must be a student’s first time overseas or abroad.

For more information have a look at all the bursaries available and make the correct choice that is suited for you.  Most of these bursary programs include full study fees and living costs although some need to be re-applied for on a yearly basis.  The opportunities for South African students are not limited to South Africa as there are many institutes’ worldwide offering programs to exceptional candidates for further study.

If you want to travel and see the world but also complete your studies, these bursaries may be an option to look at.  Candidates should, however, be perfectly sure that it is what they want to do as you will be in another country and visiting home will likely only be possible once a year.  So if you are comfortable and would like to see what the world has to offer, look at the options and apply for a life-changing bursary today.

We also covered this topic on our blog. Read Tips for studying abroad and part 2 of tips studying abroad.

Bursaries in Agriculture 2020 -2021

Agricultural bursaries offer talented students the chance to further their skills.  The aim is to develop the talents and abilities of individuals to benefit the industry. Bursaries in Agriculture offer financial aid to candidates that show their desire to study into these fields but cannot afford the studies.

Bursaries in Agriculture

There are a number of companies that have agriculture bursaries available yearly for these and other agricultural fields of study.

List of agriculture Bursaries

Here are some of the most commonly found study fields if considering agriculture as a career choice:

  • Plant Production (Agricultural Economics)
  • Agronomy (Agricultural Economics)
  • Animal Science (Agricultural Economics)
  • Viticulture (Agricultural Economics)
  • Soil Science (Agricultural Economics)
  • Horticultural (Agricultural Economics)
  • Food science
  • Plant Pathology

Students who want to follow any of these study fields are required to have the following to qualify for a bursary concerning these fields of study within South Africa.

  • Students must be a South African citizen with a valid ID Book / ID Card.
  • Students must be able to prove the need for financial aid.
  • Students must have outstanding academic records with 80% or higher marks.
  • You must prove your dedication and eagerness to follow this field of study.

Except from being able to find work at a number of institutions across South Africa students will also be able to look at international opportunities with their qualifications.  Some companies that sponsor bursaries will require students to work for them for a specific time period as repayment but not all, so the student should confirm with the company beforehand.  You will find a number of bursary programs within this site that provides sufficient information on the bursaries.

With these qualifications students who complete their qualifications successfully could also look at starting their own company in the future if so desired.  Each bursary offers students the opportunity to gain knowledge and better their lives drastically.  Your future is in your hands and what you decide to do will determine your success or failure.

If this is not the Bursary you were looking for, take a look at our other Bursaries or choose another category.