Bursaries Closing in April 2023 South Africa

If you are looking for Bursaries Closing in April 2021 you have come to the right place. You can see the list of closing bursaries below. After some months with lots of bursaries closing, April is often a month with a lot less happening in bursary town. Expect this to change in 3 months when the semester is about to change.

Bursaries are a way to help students fund their studies. Many companies have a bursary program where they fund students to complete their studies. Hundreds of companies and institutions set-up their program for new and existing students. Some are full scholarships while others have to be repaid at the end of your bursary in the form of work or charity.

Bursaries closing in April

Below you will find the list of Bursaries that close in April. We update this list every year and we try to be perfect. Still, make sure to always check the original website of the company offering the bursary. That is where you will find the most updated information. When in doubt, call or email the bursary provider to check if they still offer the bursary and when the exact closing date is.

This is not a static list. New opportunities arise very quickly and when we find them, we will add them to this list.

Select one of the bursaries in the list and follow the link to see more relevant information. Alternatively you can also check ALL our Bursaries available for South Africa.

Or take a look at bursaries closing in the coming months

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