CHDA Bursary 2021 – The Chris Hani District Municipality Bursary

The Chris Hani District Municipality is offering bursaries to students who are residing in the Chis Hani District. It is the CHDM mission to improve the quality of life for the people living inside the Municipality and offering a bursary is part of that mission. The Chris Hani district is comprised of 6 smaller communities in the NE of the Eastern Cape.

Through their Community Skills Development Fund they are funding students who want to study: Engineering, Agriculture, Mining, Waste management and Information Technology.

Closing date of the bursary

The closing date is 31 March 2021 12:00pm

About This Bursary

The CHDA is a state-owned company, 100% owned by the Chris Hani District Municipality. Their mission is to improve living conditions and technology for the people living within their Municipality. It is their responsibility to develop rural economies with the help of agro-processing and agriculture. Their vision is to be the center of economic growth and keep their heritage intact for the families living there.

Who Can Apply?

The CHDA is currently looking and welcoming students to apply who are currently busy with their Grade 12 and registered for any Public South African University of Technology. They will consider you if you are studying in the following study fields.


If you are you studying in the direction of a Diploma or BSc in:

  • Environmental Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Civil Engineering
  • Electrical Engineering


if you are studying in the direction of a Diploma or BSc in:

  • Agronomy
  • Crop Science
  • Horticulture
  • Animal Science
  • Pasture Science
  • Analytical Chemistry
  • Soil Science


if you are studying in the direction of a Diploma or BSc in:

  • Mining
  • Geology

Waste Management

if you are studying in the direction of a Diploma or BSc in:

  • Environmental Science

Information Technology

if you are studying in the direction of a Diploma or BSc in:

  • Information Technology
  • Information Systems
  • Computer Science
  • Systems of Network Administration
  • Software Engineering
  • Cyber Security

Additional requirements

If you are a youngster residing in the Chris Hani district and if you have succesfully registered at a public University of Technology, you can apply for this bursary if you meet the following criteria as well.

  • You must be residing inside the Chris Hani district
  • You have passed your Grade 12 and you are already registered at a tertiary institution
  • You have achieved a +60% average on your Grade 12 subjects
  • You must come from a previously disadvantaged community and you have to proof that you can not financially support for your education. Your parents/Guardians have to send proof they have a lower combined income of R15000
  • You can only apply for the study fields mentioned above
  • if you accept this bursary, you also accept that for the amount of years you have received this bursary, you will be committed to serve the CHDM. If you received a bursary for 4 years, you will be also committed for 4 years.

What does this bursary cover?


How to Apply

If you fulfill all the requirements for the CHDA bursary, you are eligible to apply. You can apply by following these steps:

  1. Go to the Chris Hani Development Agency website
  2. Read again all the information listed on their skills development fund page
  3. Scrol down to the bottom left where you can download the application form.
  4. Complete the form (Make sure not to skip any step) and send it back to the CHDA.

You can either email applications to: or,

You can hand deliver your printed application form at Chris Hani Development Agency at 15 Warner Street, Southbourne Queenstown

If you send an incomplete application, there is a very high chance you will not be considered.

Accompany your application with the following documents:

Required Documents

  • Certified Copy of your ID
  • a Certified birth certificate
  • Your Grade 12 results
  • Your official Matric/NSC results
  • Certified copies of the ID’s of your parents/guardians
  • Certified payslips of your parents/guardians
  • Latest financial statement clearly showing a monthly income
  • Sworn Affidavits
  • Death Certificates (if parent(s), Guardian(s) are deceased
  • Certified certificate if your parents are divorced
  • Sworn Statement if your parents are separated
  • Proof you are accepted at university
  • Proof of residence you are residing within Chris Hani district

Contact information

All your enquiries can be directed to:

Acting Special Projects manager Ms Thembakazi Ngqoba at Tel: 045 807 4014 / Email: or

Ms Nqabisa Cingo at Tel: 045 8070 4017/Email: between 09:00am and 12:00pm daily,

If you would like to know more about the CHDA and their Skills development fund, please visit their website for the most up to date information.

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