How to Create a myNSFAS Account in 3 Easy Steps!

You are probably looking at how to create a myNSFAS account because you are eligible for NSFAS funding. I’ll. explain step by step how to create an account. The NSFAS (National Student Financial Aid Scheme) is a very good way to fund your tertiary study. But to receive your funds every month you will need to set-up an account with them. This is very easy to do, firstly you will need to collect all the required documents.

Although there are lots of complaints about how NSFAS works, it is still the main funding for many students to finance their study in South Africa. Applying comes out to these 3 things

  1. Collect your documents
  2. Complete your application
  3. Wait for NSFAS to see if your application was successful.

Your NSFAS application results should be ready before the start of the new academic year. When your application is pending, NSFAS also needs to wait for confirmation from the University/ Tertiary institution you are registered with. This takes a bit of time and that is why it often takes longer than most people expect. The result of your application is communicated by Mail, SMS, or inside your myNSFAS account.

Reading Tip: How to Apply for NSFAS

If you are curious about the progress of your application, log in to your NSFAS account and check your myNSFAS status. Now let’s start explaining step-by-step how to create a myNSFAS account:

Reading tip: How to check your myNSFAS status

Please have a look and get all the following documents ready before setting up your account:

  • Your own cell phone number and email address
  • Copy of your ID or birth certificate
  • ID copies of your parents, guardian, or spouse
  • Your proof of income or latest IRP5 (if applicable)
  • Your parents, guardians, or spouse’s proof of income
  • If you are a SASSA grant recipient, you do not have to provide any proof of income

How to create your myNSFAS account?

Step 1 myNSFAS Student Portal:

The first step in creating an account is to visit their website,

Follow this link:

This is what will come up –

  • Click on REGISTER
  • It will take you to this screen:

IMPORTANT – you need to have a copy of your ID or unabridged birth certificate saved on your computer BEFORE you start the registration.

  • Click on close

Step 2 This is what the top of the page will look like:

There are steps that need to be followed on this page:

Click the box next to what is stated “I allow NSFAS to verify and validate the information I have provided with third parties”

Step 3 Fill in the details required:

1. ID number

2. First names and Surname (*** on ID book or birth certificate)

3. Email address, and then confirm your email address

(*** if you do not have an email address it shows you how to create one – click on the sentence “if you don’t have an email address, click here to create one” – shown in picture above).

It will take you to Google Accounts page to set one up:

If you don’t have an email address you can create a new one


4. Cell phone number: enter your cell phone number

5. Password: create a password for your account

***It is important that you create a secure password for your account. For example, do not use your name, ID number, or address.

If you would like to know how to create a strong password, Lifewire has an excellent article about this.

The NSFAS website also gives you advice how your password should look. Often passwords become very difficult and it is better to store your passwords in a Password app.

6. South African ID or birth certificate:

You need to attach an electronic copy of your ID or birth certificate (as stated at the start of the application):

  • Click “Select a File”
  • It will take you to a folder on your computer
  • Double click on your ID or birth certificate

7. Click Register

Next Steps:

MYNSFAS needs to ensure it is you that is creating the profile, so you will receive an OTP (One Time Password). It is called “One Time Password” as you will only receive it once. You cannot enter the wrong password as it will not let you access your account. It is a really secure way to ensure that your information is safe.

It will be sent to your email or cell phone.

You will receive digits and will have to type them in where it says, “One Time Password”.

Press “submit”, and you will be fully registered.


****** Not the MYNSFAS official OTP ****

Here is a YouTube clip for a quick OTP explanation:

To check your NSFAS account:

Login to your account:

  • Enter your username (it is your email address)
  • Enter your password you created

If you require more information, please access the following for the NSFAS contact centre:


Although the process is pretty straightforward, with every process there will arise questions. These are the most asked questions when it comes to creating an account with NSFAS.

How do I create a Nsfas profile?

If you follow all the above steps, you have just created a profile with NSFAS. Account and profile are the same thing. If things are still not clear, please go back to step1 and follow the instructions again.

How do I check my NSFAS Account?

If you completed all the steps and have successfully created an account, you probably want to know when the application was successful(or not). Inside your account there is a very detailed description at what step your application currently is. There are 9 steps inside your account and each step is a step closer to your funding.

I wrote a very detailed article how to check myNSFAS status, where I explain what every step means and how long it should take.

How do I activate myNSFAS account?

The account creation is protected in order to keep your account safe from intruders and hackers. if you scroll a bit back up, you will see how I explain about the OTP, one time password, and how it helps activating your account. You will need a valid email address and/or a phone number registered on your name.

How do I get myNsfas username and password?

Your username will always be your email address. You will need this email address to create the account and set your password.

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