How To Reset Your myNSFAS Portal Password in 5 Minutes?

Did you forget your myNSFAS username and password?

Are you unable to login to your account because you don’t know your password anymore?

Forgetting passwords can be very stressful, especially if they are for important things like your NSFAS bursary. Luckily changing or resetting your myNSFAS portal password is very easy as long as you have your ID number and mobile phone you are registered with. Follow the next 6 steps and you will have a new password within 5 minutes.

Reset Your myNSFAS Portal Password in 6 Steps

If you forgot your myNSFAS password and are unable to login to your account, all you have to do are these 6 things. Make sure your have your ID number and mobile phone close to you.

1) Go to the website and click on myNSFAS account. From there you will see the “forgot password”

2) The system will now ask for your ID number in your passport/ID. It will also ask you what it is you exactly need

  • Did you forget your username?
  • Did you forget your password?
  • Did you forget both?

Choose the relevant option that fits with your situation.

You will now receive an SMS or Email with a One Time Pin number. You can use this number to prove the owner of the account is changing credentials. You will receive an SMS if you provided SMS to register your account and you will receive an Email if you provided your email address for the registration process.

3) Check if you received your OTP. Always give it a few minutes before you try again if you don’t receive an OTP. Otherwise the system will make the first OTP invalid and you have to wait for the second one. Your OTP will be valid for 24 hours so there is no need to rush it.

4) Now you have to use your OTP number and type it in the screen where they ask for it. If you press “Submit” you will now receive a new email or sms where you are able to reset your myNSFAS portal password.

5) Check if you received your link by SMS or Email and follow the link to complete the reset proces.

6) Now you are able to write a new password you can use to login. Make sure it is something easy to remember by you, but not too easy. You don’t want other people to be able to hack your account. Alternatively you can use a password web app that helps you remember passwords for you or make a fake contact in your mobile phone where you hide the password.

Stop your timer, you have just reset your NSFAS account password and are now able to login your account again.

is You problem not solved?

Above steps are easy, but what if you don’t have access to your email or sms? How are you able to reset your password if that occurs?

The only way to get back into your account if that happens is to send a certified affidavit where you ask to update your Email and/or Mobile phone number. Your best way to do this is by contacting NSFAS through NSFAS Connect

Need more help with your NSFAS Account?

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