Imfundo Trust Old Mutual Investment Group Scholarship 2021

The Imfundo Trust Scholarship is an initiative from the Old Mutual Investment Group. This scholarship is a full-cost scholarship supporting young black students to fund their study and develop their Academic skills.

Imfumdo stands for “Education” in the Zulu language. It supports the black community and specifically the black women community to pursue their dream of studying at registered Universities.

Each year around 20 spots are available to be filled with ambitious students. Are you one of them?

This is not the only funding Old Mutual has for students. They also have the OMSA Bursary for Actuarial and Accounting studies.

Closing Date

This bursary Opens in April and closes September 30th 2020.

Who Can Apply for this Scholarship?

The OMIG Imfundo Scholarship is intended for students who next year will be in their first or second year of University. They support the following study fields:

  • Engineering
  • Engineering Technology
  • Business
  • Commerce
  • Finance and Management Sciences
  • Computer Science
  • Data Processing
  • Mathematical sciences
  • Law
  • Agricultural Studies

Further Requirements

You will only be considered for this Scholarship if you are a South African citizen and are in possession of a valid SA passport. You will also need to satisfy the following requirements:

  • If you are a student who will be in your first academic year you will need an average of at least 70% for your mid-year examinations (Grade 12) and also a minimum average score of 70% for both Mathematics and English.
  • The Scholarship is only available for students who will be in their first or second year of study for the coming year of 2021
  • If you are pursuing your first year at University, you will need an average of at least 65% for your latest examinations
  • Applicants who are from townships and rural backgrounds will have an advantage.

The Selection Process

If you are one of the lucky ones who makes it to the shortlist, you will be invited for an interview. The final decision will be made by the board of Trustees.

If you are also in the possession of another Scholarship, bursary or grant, the Imfundo Trust has the right to adjust or withdraw your Scholarship award. So if you are planning to apply for more Bursaries, make sure to discuss this with them.

What Does The Scholarship Cover?

This is a full cost Scholarship, meaning it will cover all costs which are associated with studying at your University. You will need to study at an Accredited University.

  • They cover the costs for Registration and Tuition fees
  • They cover the costs for meals
  • There is a small stipend to cover some extra costs
  • Prescribed books and other study materials are included
  • Accommodation (approved by the Trust)

How To Apply For This Scholarship?

The Old Mutual Investment Group is collaborating with StudyTrust for this Scholarship. All applications will be handled by Stuytrust.

You can read more information about this Scholarship at the StudyTrust Imfundo page.

All registrations go though, the online application system StudyTrust is using. In order to apply you will need to register an account.

After registration you will be able to login and apply for this Scholarship and also several other Bursaries and Scholarships StudyTrust is handling.

Make sure you read the big letters as well as the small letters. If your application is incomplete, your application will be discarded and they will go for someone else.

Imfundo Application Form

You don’t need an application for to apply for this Scholarship. But if you have no access to Internet, there is a possibility to use a form instead of their online application tool.

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