Bursaries For 2021

Killie Campbell Bursary 2021-2022 South African National Society

The South African National Society Killie Campbell Bursary was developed to help learners studying in History-related fields.

The Killie Campbell Bursary was founded in honor of Dr. Margaret Roach Killie Campbell, a South African collector of historical African artifacts. The South African National Society is an entity that holds the best interests of the country’s natural, historical, and cultural heritage.

They aim to promote an appreciation of the country’s natural resources and spark interest in South Africa’s vibrant history and culture. The South African National Society is also responsible for supporting the S.A.

Heritage Resources Agency and Amafa in their goal to preserve South Africa’s natural, cultural and historical heritage.

Closing Date

This Bursary closes on 7 June 2021. Make sure to have your application along with supporting documents submitted before this date or they will not be considered for selection.

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What does this Bursary cover?

The amount awarded by the committee differs and is predicted that in 2021 it will be in the range of R20 000.

How to Apply

Applications must be sent to the Secretary of the South African National Society through the following means:

Remember to include the following supporting documents with your application. They are compulsory and your application will not be considered without them:

  • A motivational letter declaring your chosen topic and field of research for your particular paper.
  • Information on your personal and academic achievements throughout your career.
  • Information on the university you study and are registered with.
  • Email address and telephone number of your overseer and yourself.

Contact Information

If you have any questions or concerns related to this bursary, you can contact the South African National Society through the following methods:

Memory Coutts (Secretary)

Email: memorycoutts1@gmail.com