Lonmin Bursaries 2020 -2021

The Lonmin Mining group offers a wide-range of  Lonmin bursaries.  They award these to talented, deserving candidates wishing to chase a profession in the mining field or any related field.  This bursary scheme has been brought into effect not only to aid in the development of the community but furthermore to assist those with a talent and willingness to learn the opportunity to do so.

The lonmin bursary scheme has changed many lives and can do the same for you.  If you are interested in studying further within the mining related disciplines, Lonmin may have what you need.  They offer rewarding opportunities to deserving candidates.

The Lonmin bursary is quite competitive and offer the candidates a range of perks.  These bursaries are however only awarded to exceptionally talented individuals who show their willingness to learn and have a passion for what they do.

Bursaries are offered on a binding service contract, this implies that each candidate will work for the company, an equal time frame as that of the bursary.  This work contract will commence upon successful competition of studies.

Lonmin Bursaries include the following:

  • University fees for Tuition
  • The Registration fees of candidate
  • Any Exam fees that is required
  • University fees for Accommodation
  • Fees for Resident meals
  • Book fees as are required
  • Candidates will also receive an allowance

Lonmin offers not only bursaries but also full-time employment.  For a career with many prosperous aspects, join the Lonmin team today.

Lonmin Bursaries Available

The following fields of study are available with a bursary from Lonmin:

Lonmin Bursaries Requirements

To study with a bursary from this scheme, candidates must have the following:

  • Candidate must be a South African citizen
  • Applicants must be in Grade12 or have just completed Grade 12
  • Candidate must have English with exceptional grades
  • You must have Mathematics and Science as subjects, with great grades
  • Candidates must have pre-acceptance from an Institute of Higher Learning

Lonmin Bursary Online Application

Lonmin Bursary Forms

Online bursaries applications are available on their web page, visit Lonmin Bursaries for more information.  Their new application process for this current year has not opened yet, therefore, if you are interested, keep an eye on their page and be prepared.

They offer candidates a perfect learning experience, so when the time comes, go to their webpage and click on the “register” button.  Please complete all fields, create a password for yourself and use this when logging in.  Once you have filled in everything, click “register”.

Please note that each e-mail address is only entitled to one registration, no more.

You will in turn now receive a confirmation e-mail.  Use this to verify your e-mail address and complete your registration.  The link within the e-mail will take you to the “log in” screen and you will now be able to continue.  Click on “user login” and proceed.

Now you can select between the bursary option and the experimental learning option.  Please note, you can only apply for one!  Once selected it will open the application.  Complete all fields and submit the application.  Here you can also attach all required documentation, do not forget to do so.

If you feel you would like to alter something on your application, please log in and click on “change”.  Make adjustments and “submit”.

For any queries please contact Evelyn Rabolele at Lonmin via e-mail at bursaries@lonmin.com

Lonmin Bursary Closing Date

Closing date for applications are usually around the end of March each year and shortlisted candidates will be contacted by the end of July.  Shortlisted candidates will be invited for an interview, thereafter the selection process will commence.

Candidates who have made the cut will be notified, thus if you do not hear from the company, your application was unsuccessful. However, there are no bursary opportunities for 2016 available.

May your bursary hunting pay-off and bring you knowledge beyond your wildest dreams.  Good luck to all.

Sasol Bursaries 2020 -2021

Sasol is a leading energy and chemical company that is committed to developing and commercializing technologies, as well as building and operating facilities in order to produce liquid fuels, low-carbon electricity and more. Formed in Sasolburg, Johannesburg in 1950, the company has expanded on an international level to such an extent that it employs over 35 000 people across 37 countries.

As a company, Sasol is deeply passionate about the education of South Africa’s youth and developing that young talent. Thus, their highly competitive bursary scheme seeks to attract that young talent to eventually join the organization; those who successfully complete their study period through one of Sasol’s bursaries will gain employment through their Novice Professional Development Programme.

Fields of Study

Bursaries are awarded for full-time university studies in the fields of engineering, science and commerce disciplines, at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels, as well as for the University of technology/technikon. See a complete list below:

Bachelor of Engineering or Bachelor of Science in Engineering:

  • Chemical
  • Mechanical
  • Electrical
  • Civil
  • Industrial
  • Electronic
  • Mining
  • Computer
  • Mechatronics

Bachelor of Science:

  • Chemistry (Masters is compulsory)
  • Geology (Honours is compulsory)
  • Metallurgy (Honours is compulsory)

B Com:

  • Accounting / BBScience CA Stream (CTA, PGDA is compulsory)

University of Technology:

  • Mechanical Eng.
  • Industrial Eng.
  • Power (Process Instrumentation & Electrical Eng.)
  • Mine Surveying

Sasol Bursary Requirements for Online Application

All applicants must fulfill the following basic criteria:

  • South African citizen with valid ID
  • Apply for full-time studies to achieve an academic degree at an accredited South African university
  • Willing to undergo psychometric testing if invited for an interview
  • In terms of minimum grades achieved, see the Sasol bursary requirements as stated.

For Grade 12 / Matric Learners the requirements are as follow:

  • For Engineering or one of the Science fields: A (HG) in Mathematics, B (HG) for Physical Science and C (HG) for English
  • For BCom degree: C (HG) in Mathematics and C (HG) for English

Candidates already studying can find requirements on the link provided above for the bursary requirements. If you are already enrolled in the degree course for which you are applying for the bursary, then you must have passed all your registered courses up until now in order to be considered. Also, note that no fees already paid by the candidate for their studies will be refunded.

Bursary Package

The bursaries cover the following:

  • Full university tuition, registration and exam fees (to be paid directly to the university)
  • University-administered accommodation (to be paid directly to the university)
  • Meals (three meals per day as determined by the university)
  • Books and pocket money (approximately R10 000 per year)
  • If there are any subjects that need repeating, these will need to be paid for by the individual themselves.

Sasol Bursary Selection Process

Applicants who have been shortlisted will be invited to attend an interview – notification of this will be conducted via both telephone and written correspondence before the end of May. The interviews take place in June to July to make it easy for school students to attend during their holidays. The structured interview session and psychometric testing are expected to last for a full day.

Sasol will reimburse applicants for their travel expenses to attend the interview day, up to a predetermined maximum amount.

Successful candidates will be notified by the end of August; if no communication is received by then, it means that the application was unsuccessful. Those successful individuals will then be provided with documentation regarding the specific Sasol Bursary Scheme and a written contract.

After graduating from their studies, bursary holders will be contractually bound to work for Sasol for the same period of time as was spent studying.

Sasol Bursary Closing Date and How to Apply?

This date may change yearly but the date can be found on the Selection Process Page of the Sasol Bursaries Website every year.

In order to complete the Sasol bursary online application, prospective candidates can visit the Sasol Bursaries Website. At the bottom of this page, candidates will find more detail on how to qualify, what is included in their bursaries program, what fields fo study they can apply for, as well as how to apply.