Bursaries For 2021

TTI Bursary 2021-2022

The TTI Bursary Programme is primarily aimed at black students from disadvantaged backgrounds, who seek financial assistance for their first Undergraduate Degree or other DHET recognized qualification. 

The Bursary aims to assist students who fall in the “missing middle” category and covers most of the costs associated with studying. The TTI Bursary Programme will pay for the registration, accommodation, transportation, and general tuition fees of the successful applicant. 

The bursary was established in order to bring about a more equitable South Africa, ensuring that students regardless of their background have a chance to succeed.  The TTI Bursary Programme has no closing date and is open to students studying in any recognized field.

TTI is a firm that specializes in Bursary and Learnership management.  The firm promotes skill development as well as equitable access to higher education, on behalf of large enterprises. 

TTi acts as an intermediary between various private sector financiers and the beneficiaries, providing a hands-on approach to student development.  TTI assists beneficiaries and helps guide them throughout their university career, ensuring that they are adequately prepared for the world of work. 

Closing Date of the Bursary

Please note that bursary applications for the TTI Bursary Programme does not have a closing date.  Applications for the Bursary will be accepted throughout the year.  

Latest Bursaries Added:

The TTI Bursary Programme will provide successful applicants with financial assistance which will pay for the costs of the relevant degree.  The bursary will cover the:

  • Registration fees of the successful applicant.
  • Accommodation fees of the successful applicant.
  • Costs associated with the successful applicant’s study material.
  • Food costs of the successful applicant.
  • Transport costs of the successful applicant.
  • Tuition fees of the successful applicant.

Please note that successful applicants will receive mentoring, coaching as well as psychological support as part of the TTI Bursary Programme.

How to Apply for the TTI Bursary Programme?

Kindly note that students applying for the TTI Bursary Programme should do so online via the following portals: 

The following supporting documentation should be attached to the applicant’s application form:

  • The applicant should attach a certified copy of their ID certificate.
  • The applicant should attach a certified copy of their proof of university registration.
  • The applicant should attach a certified copy of their full tertiary academic history.
  • The applicant should attach a head and shoulders photograph of themselves.

It is important to note that failure to adhere to the TTI bursary application requirements will result in the application being disregarded.

Contact Information

Please note that TTI may be directly contacted for all relevant bursary related queries:

  • E-mail: applyttibursaries.co.za

Please note that the granting of the TTI Bursary Programme is at the sole discretion of TTI.