UNISA Merit Bursary 2021 – 2022

A comprehensive university with 2 Nobel Prize winners among its alumni, UNISA provides quality tuition and fosters community engagement actively. 

Regarded as one of the world’s Mega universities, UNISA offers both technological and traditional university study options. They have a Student Funding Directorate whose main goal is to assist financially needy and academically deserving students. 

The UNISA merit bursary is available to all students who are currently registered and enrolled to study with the university. The objective of the UNISA merit bursary is to provide financial aid to selected students in need and who meet specific criteria in terms of academic results.

Closing Date

This Bursary application closes on 31 March 2021. Successful candidates will be presented with a bursary acceptance form from the university. Candidates must ensure that all relevant documents required for the application are attached.

What is the UNISA Merit Bursary?

This is a bursary that provides financial aid toward study fees and prescribed books. This applies only to students who are South African citizens and have a yearly average of 75% in their academic progress. 

The UNISA Merit Bursary is aimed to help these specific students who come from disadvantaged backgrounds. This bursary is available for all fields of undergraduate study made available by UNISA but does not apply to first-year students

Students will also be required to refund any financial aid provided to them in the event that they cancel or de-register any modules. 

If the candidate’s results seem to show evidence that a 75% average will not be achieved, the candidate in question will be excluded from the bursary in the following year since the UNISA merit bursary is based on the bursar’s academic performance. 

This bursary only applies to undergraduate qualifications. Undergraduate students will be required to register for a maximum of 5 modules per semester to be considered for the UNISA Merit Bursary. 

Candidates of the bursary will be required to complete the undergraduate qualifications as specified by the university’s progressive guidelines. 

Recipients of the bursary are encouraged to donate to the university’s bursary program once they have completed their studies and have found employment. 

The donation can be made on a monthly or annual basis and is completely voluntary. This aids the program in support of the next generation of students who require financial aid in their academic journey.

Who Can Apply For The UNISA Merit Bursary?

This bursary applies to all second-year students with a specific academic performance. The UNISA Merit bursary is not limited to any specific course and is available to potential candidates who wish to study any of the disciplines that UNISA offers.

To be considered for the UNISA Merit Bursary, the following requirements are dependent on the student.

  • Students must have an average of 75% percent or above in their first year of study.
  • The student must register for a maximum of 5 modules per semester.
  • The student must be a South African citizen.
  • The student must be registered with one of UNISA’s colleges.
  • The student must have completed their undergraduate studies as specified by the university’s guidelines.
  • The student’s family must have a capped income of R600 000 per year.

What does the UNISA Merit Bursary cover?

This bursary covers financial aid for a student’s study fees and prescribed books. This is dependant on the above requirements being met by the student. 

This has been made possible from UNISA’s Student Funding Directorate donor funds. The UNISA Merit Bursary, unfortunately, does not provide financial aid to postgraduate students. 

How to Apply?

If you want to apply for this bursary you will have to be a student with UNISA. Registration can only be carried out through the university’s student portal. 

You will need to complete the relevant forms, which can be obtained from the student portal. During this process, you will be required to provide the following documents:

  • A certified copy of your ID
  • Certified documents of proof of household income
  • Your first-year academic records

You will need your username and password to proceed with the registration process on the student portal. If your application is deemed successful, the university will contact you and provide a bursary acceptance form, which you will be required to sign.

Contact information

If you have any questions on the UNISA Merit Bursary, feel free to directly contact the UNISA office. 

Email: Enquiries@unisa.ac.za 

Contact Number: 0800 00 1870

Address: Preller Str, Muckleneuk, Pretoria

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