Amazon Bursary 2023-2024

Here’s an excellent opportunity for anyone looking to get to reach their goals in their Software Development Engineering studies.

The world-famous company Amazon is now looking for eager and passionate students to apply for its bursary program.

This is an excellent opportunity for students with great academic potential but are hindered by their financial circumstances. The best part is that both undergraduate and honors students are welcome to apply.

If you think this is something that you can benefit from, then you need to apply right away.

Below is a guide on exactly how you can apply and what this bursary will need from you along with a breakdown of how this bursary operates.

Closing Date

The Amazon Bursary application period will end on 15 September 2022.

Please make sure to submit your application and any other supporting materials by this date.

Your application won’t be taken into account by the bursary provider if you don’t do this.

What Is This Bursary About? is a multi-national American internet business with a concentration on artificial intelligence, cloud computing, digital streaming, and e-commerce.

The online store offers a variety of products, including toys, housewares, electronics, music, movies, books, and much more. One of the “Big Five” American technological corporations is Amazon; the other four are Alphabet, Apple, Microsoft, and Meta.

What was once a company that sold books online is today the biggest online retailer and a well-known cloud service provider worldwide.

For the academic year 2023, Amazon is encouraging students to apply for the Amazon (Software Development Engineer) Recruitment Bursary.

The Amazon SDE Recruitment Bursary was introduced by the Amazon Development Center in 2018 with the intention of helping students from historically underprivileged backgrounds continue their education.

Who Can Apply

The following degree programs (undergraduate and honors) are eligible for bursaries:

  • Software Engineering
  • Computer Engineering
  • Information Technology
  • Computer Science

Before applying, candidates must meet the minimum admission requirements listed below (please note that if you do not meet all of the requirements, your application will not be considered):

  • You must be a resident of South Africa.
  • You must be a Matric graduate.
  • You must be pursuing a degree in one of the aforementioned disciplines.
  • In 2023, you must be beginning your third year, fourth year, or honors level of studies.
  • You must have attained and kept up an overall average of 65%.
  • You must be enrolled in a South African university that is reputable and accredited.
  • You must be enthusiastic about software engineering and want to work with Amazon.
  • You must be eager to sign up for the Amazon internship program throughout the summer.

What Does This Bursary Cover?

The following costs will be covered by the bursary: tuition fees, stationary, books, computers, residential or private housing, transportation, and general living expenses.

The organization will be able to evaluate students for potential full-time permanent employment in the post of Software Development Engineer (SDE) following graduation by having bursary beneficiaries participate in a paid Amazon internship program (during the summer break).

Through ownership and delivery of an important project for their clients, candidates will be able to showcase their abilities and offer genuine value to the internship. Interns can interact with and learn from other Amazonians, grow their network, and participate in social and professional development activities as well as training opportunities.

If an opening exists, bursary recipients may be forced to work for Amazon for the same amount of time following graduation.

How To Apply

Applications for this Bursary are fairly easy. All you need to do is fill in the online application form which you can find here.

The following supporting documents must be sent in clear copies together with your online application (submitting these materials is required; if any are absent, your application may be rejected):

  • South African ID document (certified copy)
  • Matric certificate (certified copy)
  • Full academic record/ transcripts (certified copy)
  • Parents or guardians proof of income (latest payslips or letter from employer if employed, latest financial statements if self-employed, affidavit if unemployed) (certified copy)
  • Parents’ or guardians’ death certificates, if deceased (certified copy)
  • Parents’ or guardians’ divorce certificate, if divorced (certified copy)
  • Parents’ or guardians’ sworn statement, if separated (certified copy)
  •  A signed consent form.
  • Profile picture
  • Proof of address (certified copy)
  • Essay (answering the following: description of your personal background and family circumstances, description of all your achievements and leadership positions, your personal strengths and weaknesses, how your chosen study program relates to your talents; interests, and envisaged career, your personal statement to headline your application profile)

Contact Information

If you have any questions about this bursary program, please get in touch with StudyTrust (the administrators for this bursary) directly:

Tel: 011 403 1632

Mobile: 087 511 3373


Contact page:

Good luck with your application!