Bursaries for Actuarial Science 2021 -2022

Bursaries for Actuarial Science are perfect for individuals who have strong mathematical aptitudes as it includes statistics, financial theories, costs and mathematical equations. A strong knowledge in computer programs is also an advantage as one is likely to be using some modeling software. There are a variety of companies offering actuarial science bursaries in South … Read more

Bursaries for Physics 2021 -2022

Physics, the study of motion and matter as it moves through time and space. It also studies forces and energy and how the universe moves. This field includes mathematics, natural science and philosophy, research, quantum science, biophysics and more. This field is constantly making new breakthroughs in technology, medicine, science and all parts of our … Read more

Bursaries for Geology 2021 -2022

Geology is a study of the earth, also known as earth science. It includes the study of all material the earth is made from and changes of the earth over time. This field also includes studying all solid rocks and celestial changes. Are you in search of bursaries for geology? There are a variety of … Read more