NMISA Bursary 2020 -2021 Bursaries for Engineering & Science

The NMISA bursary is ideal for talented young Africans seeking to become technologists, engineers, or scientists. They look for mature, quality conscious driven individuals with a passion for their field to be part of their bursary program. NMISA stands for the National Metrology Institute of South Africa. The history of this company goes back to … Read more

Apply Now For Standard Bank Bursaries

A Standard Bank bursary allows students to reach their fullest potential without financial stress. Standard Bank partners with business leaders and professionals throughout South Africa to promote the continent’s position in the global economy. Therefore, offering these Standard Bank bursaries is the primary way they invests in future businesses and political & economic leaders of … Read more

Mercedes Benz Bursary 2020 -2021

Mercedes prides themselves in their commitment to investing in the future.  They are committed to advancing the skills and knowledge of their people, and this is what makes them unique as well as successful!  Employment equity is a serious thing, thus, they ensure a multiplicity of employees within all levels of business. The Mercedes Benz … Read more

SAPPI Bursaries 2020 -2021 The SAPPI Bursary Program

Sappi seeks talented candidates to join their firm via the SAPPI bursary scheme.¬† They offer candidates a full scholarship based on their academic results, in addition to completion of a psychometric test. Successful candidates for SAPPI Bursaries will receive full support, tuition, books, meals, accommodation and more. Sappi was started in 1936, then known as … Read more