About Us

Hi, Welcome to this website. We started this website because in South Africa it is very hard to find proper funding for your studies. There is a big gap between the poor and the rich and the result is that not everybody is able to follow the study and find the job they want. Many people are not able to fund their studies and therefore they are reliable by companies and institutions offering Bursaries.

Finding a Bursary is essential and that is why we created this website. We are on the lookout for companies offering Bursaries to the South African People and when we find all the information that is needed, we publish it on this website.

Who Are We?

We are a small company called AMB Media. We are not a local authority or institution and we have no saying or whatsoever in who gets a Bursary. So please don’t post personal information beneath the articles, we are not the company you are applying with. We are a Mediator between companies and students and we try to fill the information gap so you have an oversight which Bursaries you can apply for.


Our goal is to become the most important website in South Africa concerning Bursaries and everything there is to know about Bursaries. In the future we strive that all possible Bursaries in SA are listed on this website. We know we can not list ALL Bursaries because some companies simply don’t want to. Besides offering Bursaries we have more plans in the near future for this website which will make it easier to know when and how to apply for a bursary.

How do we get our Info?

The information we find is in the open and can be found on the website of the company we write about. We will always link to this company and you should always double check if the information is correct as this sometimes can change quickly. We update this website a few times a year and we strive to give you the most updated information but still you need to double check if everything is correct.

Do you have questions?

If you are a company and you don’t agree with the information on this website, please contact us and we will remove or edit the content on this website. Although we hope we can work together and form knowledge base for the people in South Africa.


Alexander Burgemeester

AMB Media

email: Please use the contact form as we can not openly post our email due to spam. We read our email almost everyday.