10 Flexible Jobs For Students

University is expensive: tuition, room and board, meal plans, books, supplies, the list goes on. Add in “fun money” and you can expect your bank account to dwindle down, and fast. Many don’t realize just how much cash you need to get through schooling, especially when you want to, I don’t know, LIVE. Let’s face it. When you go … Read more

7 Simple Ways To Reduce Stress In University

There is no denying that university can be stressful. It’s a complete lifestyle change. You’re moving to and living in a new environment, you’ve got the pressure of making new friends, course work is a far cry from what you are used to, and testing is unpredictable and difficult. While we’d love to tell you … Read more

How To Decide When It’s Time To Drop A Class?

It’s impossible to go through university without experiencing at least one class that you either hate with a passion or are struggling with. The horrible professor, the taxing exams, the ultra-lengthy readings, the dull PowerPoint presentations… the list of cons can be long. There comes a point in many students’ higher education when the thought … Read more

10 Clubs & Student Organizations You Can Join At University

We recently posted an article entitled, “7 Reasons Why You Should Join A Student Organization or Club.” In hopes that it got your creative juices flowing, we are now here to provide you with a list of many of the different types of groups you may join at university, organized by interest! Many people incorrectly … Read more

Tips for Studying Abroad – Part II

Studying abroad is a quintessential part of the undergraduate experience. Those who are lucky enough to do it speak volumes about their time overseas, and would do it all over again if given the opportunity. Welcome to Part II of our Tips For Studying Abroad Series. Follow these tips and tricks and you will be … Read more