SANSOR Bursary 2021 PostGraduate Bursary Seed & Plant Industry

The SANSOR Bursary is for students who want to start with their Postgraduate Degree in the Seed and Plant Industry. If you want to specialise in the Plant and See industry for your Masters, Honours or Doctorate, you might be eligible for funding by SANSOR. The South African National Seed Organization (SANSOR) produces seeds for … Read more

Bowman Bursary 2021 | Bcom BA LLB Law Bursaries South Africa

The Bowmans Bursary is every year rewarded to students who want to study Law. If you hold excellent grades on your Matric or if you are already studying Law with exceptional results, you might be eligible for this Bursary. Each year several Bowmans Bursaries are awarded to promising young law students. This year they are … Read more

Mercedes Benz Bursary 2021

Mercedes prides themselves in their commitment to investing in the future.  They are committed to advancing the skills and knowledge of their people, and this is what makes them unique as well as successful!  Employment equity is a serious thing, thus, they ensure a multiplicity of employees within all levels of business. The Mercedes Benz … Read more

SAPPI Bursaries 2020 -2021 The SAPPI Bursary Program

The SAPPI Bursary helps ambitious and bright students to fund their studies at accredited Universities. if you are between 18 and 25 and if you want to study at selected study fields, this bursary could be something for you. Sappi seeks talented candidates to join their firm via the SAPPI bursary scheme.  They offer candidates … Read more

PWC Bursary 2021 Price Waterhouse Coopers Bursaries

The PWC Bursary is exceptional in all ways. PWC would like to see talented and young people make an impact on life and like to assist them in doing so. Students that excel at academics in School or University are welcome to apply for the PWC Bursary. What Does The PWC Bursary Cover? The bursary … Read more