SAAFoST Aubrey Parsons Study Grant 2023

Great news for food science students looking to get into various fields of study!

The South African Association for Food Science and Technology (SAAFoST) Foundation is providing the opportunity for anyone interested to apply for their grant program.

The organization is looking to provide a way for bright and hard-working students to reach their potential in their chosen fields so that one day, they may thrive and benefit themselves along with their field.

Any student with a passion for these fields of study is encouraged to apply and grow a successful career in this field.

Below is a fully detailed guide on exactly what this Bursary is, how it works, and what it needs from applicants.

Closing Date

This bursary will close on 18 April 2023. Please make sure to submit your application along with the requested support documents before this date.

If you don’t, you will not be considered for selection and the bursary provider will reject your application.

What Is This Bursary Program?

The South African Association for Food Science and Technology (SAAFoST) Foundation is a group of food science, technology, and other professionals who work in the food and associated sectors in South Africa.

SAAFoST seeks to expand the body of knowledge in food science and technology by fostering scientific research, publishing a membership journal, hosting workshops, seminars, exhibits, and gatherings, and aiding in educational initiatives.

The organization is non-profit and primarily administered by volunteers, with around 2000 members spread over Southern Africa.

SAAFoST founded the SAAFoST Foundation, which will be in charge of administering SAAFoST academic bursaries, scholarships, and prizes.

The SAAFoST Foundation is soliciting submissions for the Aubrey Parsons Study Grant, for the 2023 academic year.

Who Can Apply

Study funds will be provided for BSc (Hons) or B-Tech courses in the subjects of Food Science and Food Technology. Grants will be provided for studies at the following universities and departments:

  • Departments of Food Science: University of Stellenbosch, University of Pretoria, University of Venda and University of the Free State
  • Departments of Food Technology: Cape Peninsula University of Technology, Durban University of Technology, Tshwane University of Technology and University of Johannesburg

Before applying, applicants must meet the following minimum entrance criteria (please note that failure to meet all requirements may result in your application being rejected):

  • Before applying for the scholarship, you must have been a member of SAAFoST for at least one year.
  • You must be a full-time student in one of the departments listed above, at one of the listed universities.
  • You must be pursuing a BSc (Hons) qualification at a university or a BTech qualification at a university of technology.
  • You must have an excellent academic record.
  • In prior academic years, you must have maintained a minimum overall average of 70%.

What Does This Bursary Cover?

The bursary is worth R20,000 per student; this is the entire amount of the grant, regardless of how long the studies take. Academic performance will be used to make the decision.

The SAAFoST Foundation will review the nominations and make the final selection decision. The institution will be reimbursed for the fees.

How To Apply

Only recognized tertiary institutions may submit applications. (students cannot apply for this scholarship themselves).

Department heads must suggest or recommend candidates for the prize who they believe are deserving. (based on academic excellence and financial need).

Each tertiary institution may propose only one applicant for the prize; awards cannot be shared or transferred.

Applications must be submitted on the following nomination forms:

SAAFoST Aubrey Parsons Study Grant 2023 Nomination Form (pdf) 

SAAFoST Aubrey Parsons Study Grant 2023 Nomination Form (doc)

Applications must contain legible copies of the following supporting paperwork (submission of these documents is mandatory; if any of these things are missing, your application may be disqualified):

  • Proof of SAAFoST membership
  • Proof of registration at one of the approved institutions, for full-time studies
  • Nominees’ complete academic record of all previous years

Applications must be submitted via email to the SAAFoST Membership Development Officer: 

(Insert the words “SAAFoST Aubrey Parsons Study Grant Application” in the email subject line).

Contact Information

For any queries related to this bursary program, please contact SAAFoST directly through the following means:

SAAFoST Membership Development Officer

Tel: 071 870 2633


Good luck with your application!