ABSA Bursary 2023- 2024 How To Apply For Absa Bursaries?

Over the last 5 years, the ABSA Bursary sponsored between 50 and 80 candidates each year. And their goal is to keep doing this and increase the number of students they can help. If you like to pursue a career in the finance industry then keep reading and see if you are eligible to Apply for the ABSA bursary.

About The Company ABSA

ABSA understands that life can be difficult and sometimes assistance is needed to reach one’s goals in life which in turn leads to a successful and fulfilling career.  ABSA offers candidates who are motivated as well as dedicated to following a career in the world of finance bursaries to help them achieve their goals. 

If you dream of working in the field of finance you should apply for a bursary with ABSA.  Their aim is to fill the openings in the financial sector with skilled and talented candidates who are willing to study full time to achieve this.

What Does The ABSA Bursary Program Cover?

If you belong to the lucky ones who will be selected for ABSA bursaries, these are the perks you will enjoy.

  • You will receive a Laptop, thats pretty awesome.
  • Transport Allowance (certain conditions and terms will apply for this)
  • They have a buddy system, to support each other through study
  • Full Accommodation at University or an accommodation accredited by University.
  • Full tuition and registration fees
  • Text books
  • Allowance for meals
  • Skills training to be better prepared for the hard life of work after study.
  • Vacation work for relevant exposure
  • Counseling services

Respectively candidate will be re-evaluated each year and the bursary support will continue for students who perform satisfactorily.  With this bursary program, ABSA is able to employ talented skilled workers and assist candidates who want to study further to reach their dreams.

Who Can Apply for an ABSA Bursary?

You can apply for a bursary if you are either at the end of your secondary education or if you have a bachelor’s degree. You will need a qualification in the following fields.

  • Actuarial Science
  • Computer Science
  • Industrial Engineering
  • Information Technology
  • Mathematics
  • Risk management
  • Statistics

What Are The Requirements for the Absa Bursary?

To apply for a bursary you will need the following things. If you fail 1 of these requirements you are not eligible to apply for their bursaries

  • You will need to be a citizen of South Africa
  • You need to have completed your Matric or Bachelor
  • You have signed up for one of the fields of study mentioned above
  • You are a high achiever with a minimum average of 75%
  • The ideal candidate also has work rights in SA

How do you apply for a ABSA Scholarship?

Technically it is not a scholarship but a bursary. ABSA has a dedicated website where you can apply for their bursaries.

  1. Go to the ABSA Leafly website
  2. Make sure you fill all the requirements to apply for one of their bursaries.
  3. The application is online and you will need certified copies of your: ID Document, Matric certificate, full academic record of your tertiary education. You will also need to write a Curriculum Vitae
  4. Make sure you apply ON TIME.

Closing Date

June 30

ABSA Contact Details

If you have any questions about their bursary, you can fo to their leafly website and contact them there. They have a chat system where you can ask your questions.

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