Transnet Bursary 2021 With Online Application Form

The Transnet bursary is for students who want to focus on commercial, physical or technical studies. Transnet is the largest freight transport company in South Africa. They are formerly known as Spoornet. Transnet has 5 main divisions namely, Transnet Engineering, Transnet Freight Rail, Transnet Port Terminals, Transnet National Ports Authority, Transnet Pipelines, and Specialist Unit. … Read more

SPEBS Bursary 2021 | SAICE Patrons Civil Engineering Bursary Scheme

The SPEBS Bursary is a bursary for Civil Engineering and it is offered by SAICE. They support students studying towards a Degree or National Diploma in Civil Engineering. SPEBS stands for SAICE Patrons Engineering Scheme and SAICE is the South African Institute of Civil Engineering. SPEBS has brought to life to provide financial assistance to … Read more

SACEE Norah Taylor Bursary for Teachers 2021

The SACEE Norah Taylor bursary is available to qualified teachers who want to continue their study in Speech training, Oral Communication, and Teaching of English as a first or second language. SACEE is the South African Council for English Education and they are a registered Non-Profit organisation. The people working there are mainly volunteers and … Read more

SAICA ThuThuka Bursary Fund 2020 -2021

The SAICA Thuthuka bursary fund is helping colored and disadvantaged Africans to become a CA Chartered Accountant in South Africa. The name SAICA stands for South African Institute of Chartered Accountants. Thuthuka is the Zulu word for “to progress. Together they stand for progress for the disadvantaged South Africans and supporting them to become CA(SA). … Read more