NMISA Bursaries 2019 -2020 Bursaries for Technology, Engineering & Science

NMISA Bursaries

About the NMISA Bursary 2019 NMISA bursaries are ideal for talented young Africans seeking to become technologists, engineers, or scientists. They look for mature, quality conscious driven individuals with a passion for their field to be part of their bursary program. NMISA, National Metrology Institute of South Africa. The history of this company goes back to […] Read more »

Logistics Learnerships 2019 – 2020

Logistics Learnerships

About Learnerships for Logistics Logistics is known to be the management or flow of one thing from one point to another. It includes the processes from the producer to the consumer. These processes combine production, packaging, transport, inventory, warehousing, marketing, sales and more. This can include food products, animals, liquid products, equipment, materials and other […] Read more »

General Bursaries 2019 -2020 South Africa: Bursaries Everybody Can Apply For!

General Bursaries in South Africa

General bursaries and bursaries presented into any direction for qualifying students. These can be offered by companies, Government Departments or through funding institutes. Most bursaries are to assist students to study towards a qualification and many are awarded according to financial need and student performance. Many of these general bursaries allow students access to study […] Read more »

Government Internships South Africa 2019 – 2020 South Africa

Government Internships

Are you looking for training beyond the classroom? Do you have a background assisting clients? Government Internships in South Africa might be an excellent option for you. They are searching for enthusiastic, qualified young people to complete their teams in the field. There is no better way to gain real life experience and training from […] Read more »

HR Internships 2019 – 2020 South Africa

HR Internships

About Human Resources Internships Human Resources is a field with many different opportunities. If you are a person who has a background in management, staffing, work protocols or employee issues, you may want to consider HR internships in South Africa. This is a paid endeavour which gives hands-on training and experience for your career. The […] Read more »