Bursaries for Physiotherapy 2023- 2024

Physiotherapy is also known as physical therapy. With Bursaries for Physiotherapy you will learn about rehabilitation after a loss of movement in the body or to treat impairments. Physiotherapy promotes functionality and mobility. This field may include the examination process, prognosis, diagnosis and treatment through physical therapy.

There is a variety of bursaries in the field of physiotherapy offered by many different companies in South Africa each year. Take a look at some of these companies if you are interested in studying in this field.

Bursaries for Physiotherapy

Here are some of the most common career directions if considering to enter the field of physiotherapy:

  • Physiotherapist – Pediatrics
  • Physiotherapist – Cardio
  • Physiotherapist – Neurology
  • Physiotherapist – Musculoskeletal
  • Lector
  • Consultant
  • Researcher
  • Physiotherapy Manager

You may also look at the following fields:

  • Physiotherapist – Sports
  • Physiotherapist – Animals
  • Women’s Health Consultant
  • Health and Safety Occupation

With a degree as a physiotherapist, you can work in a variety of industries. These can include clinics, hospitals, private practices, educational centers, sports facilities or training centers and many other industries. You can also specialize in many fields such as pediatrics, geriatrics, sports injuries, orthopedics, wound care, neurology and more.

Bursaries for Physiotherapy Requirements

If you want to study in this field and need to apply for bursaries for physiotherapy, you must meet the basic requirements of the company you are applying to. Here are some of the basic requirements you may need:

  • Applicants must be a South African citizen with a valid ID document.
  • Applicants must have exceptional academic records and a valid Matric certificate
  • Applicants must proof their need for financial assistance.
  • Applicants must hold proof of acceptance to an institute of higher learning.

This field includes injuries, limited movement or functionality, illnesses and all that can cause restrictions in a person’s life, body and movement. In some instances, MRI’s, X-ray’s and CT-scans may also be required to make an accurate diagnosis. Therefore, candidates will also be studying these machines, heat waves, sound waves, as well as medicines that can be used in this field.

If you are interested in all of this, then a bursary for physiotherapy may be the right move for you.

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  1. I would like to apply for a bursary for 2017 for physiotherapy. I am currently in Wits University studying my first year in physiotherapy on an NSFAS student loan. The demand for the load is very high and I would like to explore other options. Please communicate any information regarding such bursaries, I would be greatly thankful.

  2. Good day.Where can I appy for Physiotheraphy Bursaries? I am a 2nd year Physiotheraphy student at UFS Bloemfontein

  3. Hi

    I am currently in matric and I am potentially a little physiotherapist. I would like to apply for the bursary in Physiotherapy. Please inform me on how I can apply.

    • Hi Tracy, take a look at what Physiotherapy Bursaries there are available and write to all of them. Better try 1 to many then 1 to few.


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