Converse Bursary 2023-2024

Converse is an American shoe company which sells famous shoe brands including Converse, Cons, One Star, Jack Purcell, Chuck Taylor All-Star, and Star Chevron Trademarks. 

Converse offers an amazing bursary called #KickTheDebt where it gives money to students to pay off their existing student debt and allow them to continue their studies.

Their aim is to help students “CRUSH” their student debt. This year Converse will be offering R2.5 million which will be shared amongst successful applicants.  

Closing Date of the Converse Bursary:

Please submit your application by 31st January 2022 before 23h59.

No applications will be considered if submitted after then.

About The Converse Bursary

The Converse bursary has been introduced to give financial support to the successful students.

These successful students are awarded money to pay off their student debt and have future cover for the rest of their studies.

The successful students will receive the money from Skye, either in full or in part. It is not limited to specific specialties in your degree/diploma etc., so any student can apply. The amount that each student will receive is decided and calculated by Skye.

Who Can Apply for the Converse Bursary?

  • Students who are in financial need for their studies. 
  • Students enrolled and currently studying at an accredited secondary or tertiary educational institute.


All the below requirements must be met. Please note that these must be submitted within one week of your application. If they are not submitted your application will not be successful.

  • Certified copy of ID
  • Student number
  • Proof of enrollment at the educational institution
  • Copies of full academic records
  • Statements/invoices reflecting outstanding tuition fees
  • Proof of financial needs if required by Skye
  • Parental consent (if younger than 18 years old)
  • Additional information may be requested

Additional requirements:

  • South African citizen
  • Between 13 and 28 years old
  • Enrolled and currently studying at an accredited secondary or tertiary educational institute in South Africa
  • Must be in financial need
  • Must have student debt – i.e., outstanding tuition fees, including any interest accrued
  • Annual academic average must be 60% and above
  • You CANNOT be associated or affiliated with Skye, their sponsors, or the organisers of or a supplier of goods or services to the campaign.

How to Apply for the Converse Bursary?

Applications for the Converse bursary needs to be completed online – Converse Student Application

The online Converse Student application form requires:

  • Personal details – E.g., Name, Surname, Address.
  • A few questions to answer.
  • Upload a motivational video explaining why you want to be selected for the #CreateNext bursary – 100MB MAX size file.
  • Upload recent outstanding debt statement, latest academic results, any additional documents you feel are relevant.

You can also contact Converse via WhatsApp to 074 612 9558 – send your name and #CreateNext in the message.

Converse gives you the opportunity to nominate a friend for their bursary. Please send a WhatsApp Nomination Message to your friend which will refer them to the Converse bursary application form.

Before submitting your application, all students need to read and agree to the Converse Terms and Conditions for Bursary

All successful candidate’s names will be published on the website on the 28th of February 2022. You will be contacted either by phone or email.

Contact information

If you have any questions about the Converse bursary, please contact Skye customer services center:

Phone: 087 940 4664