Donald White/ Mandla A. Ndwanya Memorial Fund Bursary 2023

Great news for students looking to get into business studies! The Donald White/ Mandla A. Ndwanya Memorial Fund is providing the opportunity for anyone interested to apply for their bursary program.

In 2012, the Donald White/Mandla A. Ndwanya Memorial Fund was formed informally to remember Donald White, a professional educator in the United States of America and the father of Dr. Takiyah White Ndwanya.

A Board of Directors was constituted as a result of this incorporation to make future decisions. Any student with a passion for business is encouraged to apply and possibly grow a successful career in this field.

Below is a fully detailed guide on exactly what this Bursary is, how it works, and what it needs from applicants.

Closing Date

This bursary will close on 15 February 2023. Please make sure to submit your application along with the requested support documents before this date.

If you don’t, you will not be considered for selection and the bursary provider will reject your application.

What Is This Bursary Program?

Because of Donald’s faith and desire to assist others, as well as Mandla’s passion for Business courses in South Africa, the bursaries are developed with the following criteria in mind:

  • The applicant must have graduated from high school in the Western Cape, but may attend any FET college or university in South Africa.
  • Priority determined by financial necessity.
  • Preferably a first-generation student enrolled in a higher education school.
  • Majors or certificates in education, healthcare, medicine, commerce, social work, or business studies are available.

All bursaries will be given based on students’ ambition for further education, involvement in community service activities, and how their values influenced their decisions.

Who Can Apply

This Bursary program is open to undergraduate students who are studying in the Business Studies field. Mainly business studies, commerce, education, healthcare, medicine, and social work.

However, these students will need to meet the following requirements set by the memorial fund in order to be considered for selection:

  • Applicants must have completed Matric.
  • Applicants must have gone to a high school in the Western Cape Province.
  • Applicants must be studying or intend to study one of the fields listed above.
  • Applicants must be studying or intend to study at an FET College or University in South Africa.
  • Applicants must be in Financial need.
  • Applications need to be passionate about community service.

What Does This Bursary Cover?

The bursary will be used for registration fees, textbooks, or technology costs, but not to past-due balances or student loans that have already been taken out.

How To Apply

Applications for the Donald White/ Mandla A. Ndwanya Memorial Fund Bursary are relatively simple.

All you need to do is download and complete the application form here. Then you need to submit the following support documents with it:

  • A certified copy of your ID
  • A certified copy of your Matric certificate
  • A full academic record if you are already studying
  • Proof of parent or guardian’s household income

Please send completed applications to:

Contact Information

If you have any questions or concerns relating to the Donald White/ Mandla A. Ndwanya Memorial Fund Bursary, then you can contact the organization directly through the following means:

Contact Number: 073 655 3503


Good luck with your application and your future studies!