City of Johannesburg Bursary 2022

The City of Johannesburg Bursary Programme was established to help create a meaningful impact in local Johannesburg communities, via the provision of the City of Johannesburg (COJ) Bursary as a financial aid scheme.  The Bursary is available to South African citizens and attempts to reduce illiteracy rates and joblessness among … Read more


Previously known as WorleyParsons Limited, Worley is one of the top companies that offer professional projects and asset services in energy, chemicals, and the resources sectors around the globe. They provide customers with a variety of consulting and advisory services and strong technical expertise for multiple projects. Their integrated offerings … Read more

Nestlé Bursary 2022

The Nestlé Company is offering a wide range of bursary programs to eager students looking to pursue and grow a career in an esteemed field. The Nestlé Bursary is definitely something to consider if you are looking to earn a qualification in Engineering, Agriculture, Innovation, Computers, and E-commerce. The Nestlé … Read more

WSP Africa Bursary 2022

WSP is a multinational engineering and design consulting company that operates in 66 different sectors globally, and 25 different sectors within South Africa. The industries that WSP consults in are Professional Services, Environmental Consulting, Design, Town Planning, Engineering & Construction Consulting. WSP prides themselves as they use their global knowledge … Read more

Naspers Bursaries 2022

The Naspers Bursaries program is looking for eager students looking to pursue a promising career in STEM and finance fields. The Naspers Bursaries fulfills the company’s goal to provide the best form of mentorship possible. The best way the Naspers company can do this is by establishing various bursary programs … Read more

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