Eskom Learnerships Program 2023- 2024

Eskom is the predominant electric power supplier for commercial and domestic use in South Africa. The company, with a focus on sustainable growth, also supplies and procures electric power from the other countries of South African Development Community. Statistically put, the company caters to approximately 95% of the power requirements in South Africa and about 45% of that of the entire Africa. Eskom Learnerships are very popular and appear frequently on the Eskom career website.

Eskom Learnerships Available

Eskom Learnership programs are vocational training programs that are intended to create skilled labor for the development of the company and in turn, the economy at macro level.

What you need to know before applying for the program?

Following are few points that one needs to remember before applying for the Learnership program.

  • These programs are driven by demand. In other words, these programs are not available at all times. You can get into a program if your skills match the company needs at that point in time.
  • Eskom recruits very less number of candidates, as the company believes it helps in identifying the most competitive candidate and in honing their skills.
  • Apart from their core Learnership programs in the fields of Electricals, welding, mechanical, and fitting and turning, they offer Learnership programs in the fields of mechanical, instrument mechanical and riggers, which are targeted for fresh graduates. All these qualifications have been registered within the National Qualifications Framework (NQF).
  • They offer Learnerships in Eskom Real estate, Duvha power station, and Kriel power station’; among different other programs. Most of the programs are aimed at ensuring that you can develop your skills and gain better employment opportunities.

Eskom Learnerships Program Requirements

The Company is on the lookout for South African citizens who are inspired to infuse their skills to help the Company achieve their goals. Since Eskom is a multinational Organization, the basic requirement of Eskom is the knowledge of English for commination.

No other soft skills set is specifically required, though possessing such skills will prove fruitful during the interviews. However, the main requirement is possessing grade 12 or N3 in English, mathematics, and physical science. Apart from these qualifications, the candidate would be subjected to integrity checks, lego, medical assessments, psychometric assessments and few other area related basic tests.

How does the Eskom Learnership program work?

The Learnership program offered by Eskom comprises of both practical training as well as theoretical classes whereby the candidates learn not only the conceptual model of the lessons but also gain a hands-on experience in the same. This helps the candidates enrich their CV and experience.

Upon being selected for the Learnership program, the candidate is expected to sign two agreements, namely, Learnership Agreement and Employment contract. While the former agreement defines the roles and responsibilities of the trainee, the employer, and the trainer, the latter is signed with the employer defining the tenure of the Learnership.

Benefits of the Eskom Learnership programs

Similar to any Learnership programs, Eskom Learnership programs offer the following benefits to its candidates:

  • Job opportunity at Eskom Company after successful completion of the training.
  • Stipend based on the rank for which the candidate is being trained for.
  • Technical skills which would help the candidates seek for a job outside Eskom.

How to Apply for Eskom Learnerships?

Eskom Learnership Online Application

  • Applications for the year 2017 will be available by the end of the year. Applicants are advised to check for the same frequently.
  • Visit the company website to download the application form.
  • Clearly state the Learnership domain you are applying for.
  • Attach the requisite certificates along with identification proof, all of which must be attested within past three months.
  • The application form must be duly signed by the applicant.
  • If you do not get a call for an interview within 30 days, it means your candidature has been rejected.

The ESKOM Learnership program can be just what you need to power ahead and get the job you need. It helps you improve your skills and helps you know how you can be more productive. You can also take a look at the Eskom Youth Program.

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