For Coloured Girls Bursary is a non-profit organization that supports young girls on a yearly basis to have access to learning resources, monetary assistance, career counseling and psychological support. 

The organization is guided and focused on doing the right thing. They are committed to values and principles of integrity, trust, accountability, professionalism, humility, Inclusive and collaboration, continuous learning, simplicity, and fun.

The bursary was founded by a woman of colour, Geraldine Engelman, who has over 20 years of experience in executive leadership. Other successful members within the people of colour community were exposed to challenges. 

Along with Geraldine Engelman their goal is to uplift young girls of colour within the community. The bursary is funded by donors who want to make change happen and empower young girls to be independent and strong to become future leaders.

Closing date of the bursary

The closing date for the bursary is 25 February 2022. Applicants will know within 30 days whether their application has been successful or not.

About This Bursary

The organization will identify young girls with the potential to grow within their high school years up until 1st year of university and are partnered with top universities and other accredited higher education institutions.

Those who take part in the program will have their driver’s license by the end of their matric year, be provided a mentor, have access to medical practitioners and counseling. The For Coloured Girls Bursary encourages fund-raising to assist more young girls in benefiting from this bursary.

What will the Bursary cover?

The For Coloured Girls Bursary will cover the following:

  • Tuition fees
  • Registration fees
  • Stationery, books and uniforms
  • Psychological aid and counselling
  • Mentorship
  • Access to learning and development initiatives

Who Can Apply?

Any young girl of colour who displays dedication and is willing to learn and further their tertiary education can apply for the For Coloured Girls Bursary. Young girls who want positive educational outcomes and by their choices make an impact to their peers and families. 


Applicants who meet the following criteria may apply:

  • South African Citizen
  • High school student from Grade 8 – Grade 12
  • Must be a female
  • Ethnicity must be a person of colour

There is no guarantee that applicants who meet all eligibility requirements will be selected for the bursary. Those who have been shortlisted may need to attend interviews or psychometric testing for the final selection process. Those who apply will be notified within 30 days after the closing date whether they have been successful or not to go through to the second round. Applicants chosen will be invited to interviews and/or psychometric tests to conclude the final selection.

How to Apply?

The following documents in clear copies must be uploaded on the application which can found on the For Coloured Girls bursary website.

  • Certified Copy of Matric Certificate
  • Certified Copy of Identity Document
  • Motivation letter to detail why you would like to take part in the bursary programme and how the programme will benefit you and your chosen future career

The application form is divided into four parts and all requirements are to be completed. Please ensure all information is updated and correct. 

Part 1: 

  • Personal Details
  • Contact Information

Part 2:

  • Schooling Details
  • Latest examination results and subject passed

Part 3:

  • Information about parents/guardians

Part 4:

  • An essay on a given topic

Contact information

Should you have any queries or require further information regarding the For Coloured Girls Bursary you can contact them directly via the following contact details: 

 Tel. No. 064 020 8709Email: