Bursaries for Film and Media 2020 -2021

The world of film and media revolves around entertainment, social life, and the shaping of our people, cultures, and more. It is seen and hears everywhere in our daily lives. This field includes the news, papers, radio, internet, television, films, and all aspects of media. Bursaries for film and media offers candidates a variety of … Read more

Bursaries in Journalism 2020 -2021

Are you a thrill seeker with a passion for adventure and life?  Then journalism might be the career path you have been looking for.  Bursaries are a financial aid given to deserving candidates to study into a field that they love.  Can you handle the world of media? List of Journalism Bursaries for African Students … Read more

Government Bursaries 2020 -2021

Are you looking for government bursaries offered for students? Studying is very expensive in South Africa and a first-year at a tertiary institution could cost you around R40k to R70k. No wonder why bursaries are such a big deal in South Africa. Luckily there are many Government departments in SA offering bursaries for students.¬† What … Read more