Khulisa Academy Bursary 2023-2024

The Khulisa Academy Bursary is a two-year course funded by Dell. The Khulisa Academy Bursary learnership programme is offered to students who have studied, are currently studying, or are interested in the field of Information Technology.

Their focus is on developing and educating students, particularly female students, from disadvantaged backgrounds to broaden their skills as well as add further academic knowledge in the Information Technology Sector.

Deadline: 29th October 2021

Location: Bryanston, Johannesburg

About the Khulisa Academy:

The Khulisa Academy is a High-Performance Computing (HPC) training academy. It was launched by Dell, which is a multinational computer technology company.

The academy’s main focus is centralized on developing and nurturing disadvantaged students and training them to become experts in the Information Technology field. Khulisa is an isiZulu word, and, translated into English, it means to nurture.

Their belief is to develop students to question how to solve problems and how to be innovative. High-performance Computing is their soul.

“Khulisa looks for people who are innovative game-changers, people who will change South Africa and create employment” – Natasha Reuben, Head of Transformation at Dell EMC South Africa.

About the Learnership Programme:

The Khulisa Academy Bursary occurs over two years. It is an intense two years as they are educated on how to take charge of HPC systems.

The students go through a gentle development stage at the start to get a feel and a greater understanding as to what they are going to be doing. Once they feel comfortable, the technological side begins. They are fully supported by the Khulisa staff throughout the learnership programme.

Khulisa is funded by the Dell Development Fund, and, as such every student is provided with the course content, accommodation, and any additional need if required. In addition, they are paid a market-related monthly salary and not a stipend.

They base this on ensuring that once the students have completed the programme, they will be able to enter the marketplace with a salary that befits the knowledge and experience they have gained. 

Once the student completes the programme, Khulisa assists the students to find employment. These jobs can fall into any area that Dell is involved in. Whether Dell itself, Dells’ partners, or any of Dells’ customers.      


As a candidate, you must be a student wanting to follow the career path of working in the Information Technology Sector.

Additional requirements:

  • South African citizen
  • All family income to be disclosed and substantiated in full
  • Your application will NOT be considered if you already hold a scholarship/bursary from another company or organisation
  • All successful recipients will be required to sign a contractual agreement

Documents Required:

  • 1. Certified copy of your South African ID document or passport 
  • 2. Recent ID photograph 
  • 3. Updated CV
  • 4. Certified copy of your latest examination results and academic transcript 
  • 5. Certified copy of your matric certificate if you completed 
  • 6. If your parents or guardians are deceased or divorced – provide a copy of death certificate or divorce decree (including details of any maintenance payments) 
  • 7. If your parents or guardians are unemployed – a sworn affidavit signed by the unemployed person before a commissioner of oaths proving unemployment must be provided 
  • 8. If your parents or guardians are employed – provide the most recent pay slip for each person, giving full details of gross income and all other benefits 
  • 9. If either of your parents or guardians are pensioners – a certified copy of their pension slip must be provided 
  • 10. If either of your parents or guardians work in the informal sector or own any business – provide an audited financial statement or sworn affidavit indicating estimated gross monthly income

How to Apply: 

There are two steps to take.

Firstly, please download the application form by clicking on this link: Khulisa Academy Application Form

Please set some time aside as there are 4 sections that need to be completed.

Secondly, email the Khulisa Academy your application form with the required documents set out above.

Please make sure that every part of your application is complete. If it is not, it will not be accepted.

Applying to the Khulisa Academy does not imply that you have been accepted. They do a vetting programme and will contact you if you are successful.

People from all over South Africa can apply.

Contact details:

Address: Corner Main and Sloane Streets, The Campus, Bryanston, Johannesburg, 2021

Telephone: +27 11 575 3634/6269