merSETA Bursary 2023- 2024

The merSETA Bursary helps candidates to obtain a good education and work opportunities.  If you want to change your future and have a passion for learning then you should apply for a Merseta bursary. You will need to have an interest in 1 of the 5 merSETA subfactors  and have good grades for Math and Physical science.

merSETA Bursary Available

Merseta wishes to fight the skills shortage in all sectors in our country, and wants to support the employment equity act. Therefore, the advantage will be given to the previously disadvantaged citizens of our country.

They want to provide learners with highly needed skills and will provide financial assistance in the form of a Merseta bursary for those learners to be able to become a valuable asset in all sectors. To train and educate individuals of disadvantaged backgrounds especially on the basis of gender, disability, race, and access.

merSETA 5 Subfactors

There 5 sub-sectors are made up of about 44,000 companies that employ about 600 000 workers. These sub-sectors are as follow:

  • The Plastic Industry
  • The Metal and Engineering Industry
  • The Tyre Manufacturing Industry
  • The Auto Manufacturing Industry
  • The Motor Retail and Component Manufacturing Industry

Which Studies Are Funded?

Merseta has a variety of bursary study programs in the following fields at different institutes.

University Undergraduate

  • Electrical BSc Engineering (light & heavy) Current & Electronic
  • Chemical BSc Engineering
  • Industrial BSc Engineering
  • Mechanical BSc Engineering (with mechatronics)
  • Metallurgy / Materials BSc Engineering
  • Production Management BTech

The University of Technology

  • Production Management (Semester Course)
  • Metallurgy Engineering (Semester Course)
  • Engineering Industrial (Semester Course)
  • Engineering Chemical (Semester Course)
  • Engineering Mechanical whit Mechatronics (Semester Course)
  • Engineering Electrical with light & heavy current (Semester Course)
  • These semester courses are all for National Diploma’s
  • Engineering Chemical
  • Technology Polymer
  • Engineering Electrical with heavy and light current
  • Engineering Chemical
  • These courses are all Technology-based

Merseta Bursary Requirements

To be able to apply for a Merseta bursary and qualify you will need to be in possession of the following:

  • You must be a South African citizen
  • You must have the points needed to qualify for the institute’s admission
  • You must have a Grade 12 Certificate or an equal educational certificate or higher qualification
  • You need to be employed with a company which is registered with merSETA, OR, you are unemployed with the will to work in the service and manufacturing sector.

Preference will also be given to the following:

  • Women (30% of open positions)
  • Previously Disadvantaged Citizens
  • Student that can prove they are in financial need of assistance

Merseta will also consider candidates who are currently studying without a bursary and needs financial help to complete their studies if it is in one of their study fields.

Merseta Bursary Application Form

If you want to apply for this bursary you need to contact the bursary officer at merSETA.

Merseta Bursary Closing Date

30 September 2021

Visit their website for any other information you might need.

merseta bursary
The merSETA bursary awards 30% of their bursaries to women.

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    my son received a bursary in 2015, second semester at DUT. He was called to the Financial Office this year and offered a NSFAS loan. He passed and is continuing with his studies. Kindly indicate the reason for converting the bursary to a loan.

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