SAPS Bursaries (South African Police Services) 2023- 2024

There is a wide variety of occasions for young, aspiring and talented individuals within the SAPS South African Police Services. The SAPS bursary program is made available yearly, offering a variety of fields. Do you know within your heart that you would love to pursue a career in this industry? Are you in good health and physically fit? If so, then SAPS Bursaries might be something you could apply for.

Ideal candidates will be interested in combatting, as well as trying to prevent any person or event that may be a threat to the community. Candidates must be eager to partake in investigations, to ensure justice and address the cause of injustice.

Most of the SAPS Bursaries will also include the following for successful candidates:

  • Tuition fees
  • Accommodation
  • Meals
  • Required Study Material

SAPS Bursaries Available

The SAPS has a variety of fields to offer, yet they are usually not the same ones each year. The fields of study made available will depend mostly on the need within the SAPS.

These may, however, include the following:

  • Administration Clerk
  • Helicopter Pilot
  • General Assistant
  • General Workers
  • Communications
  • Police Trainees
  • Crime Intelligence
  • Management
  • Charge Officer
  • Investigators
  • Radio Operators

SAPS Bursary Requirements

Individuals wishing to apply should provide contactable references, along with any information they feel may be pertinent to their application.  Include certified copies of all relevant certificates, ID Documents and proof of address no older than three months.

Applicants will also be required to adhere to the following:

  • Applicants must be a South African citizen
  • Applicants must hold a valid South African ID document
  • Applicants must have completed Grade 12, and hold a certificate
  • Applicants must have passed both Science and Mathematics with a level 5
  • Applicants must be proficient in English and one other language
  • Applicants must not hold any criminal record or pending cases
  • Applicants must be medically fit for strenuous activities
  • Applicants must be mentally fit
  • Applicants must not have any height phobias or problems
  • Applicants must be willing to work weekends, public holidays plus shifts
  • Applicants must have exceptional communication skills –Verbal & Written
  • Applicants must be disciplined, loyal and patriotic

Falsification of any kind will not be taken lightly. Only candidates who make the shortlist will be contacted. The applicants will be asked to do a medical, psychometric test, security screening, and fingerprint check. Applicants are not assured of a permanent position after completion of their bursary term, however, they will be asked to sign a serves agreement for a set period.

SAPS Bursary Online Application Forms

SAPS bursaries online applications processes are only available once their bursary program open. Individuals can find the application form HERE when available, or applications can be collected at the SAPS recruitment offices. For more information on their bursary program candidates can look HERE.

Depending on the bursary field, individuals may be asked to complete a Z83 Form, although not all programs will be using this form. Therefore, it is highly suggested to ensure you have the correct form. Candidates are urged to please complete these forms fully, and sign them.

Late applications will not be considered, therefore, applicants are advised to confirm that they have their completed forms in prior to the advertised closing dates. If no communications have been received within the specified time, applicants can accept their submissions were not accepted. No late entries, applications missing documents or incomplete forms will be accepted.

Documents to be attached must all be certified:

  • Copy of ID document
  • Copy of Academic Records
  • Copy of parents / guardians ID document
  • Proof of income of parents / guardian
  • Curriculum Vitae
  • Valid contact details

Closing Date for SAPS Bursary Program

These bursaries do not currently have a closing dates available, however once they advertise their bursaries, candidates will be able to find closing dates on the application form.

Good luck to all individuals applying for SAPS bursaries, may your paths be filled with excitement.

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