The SAIBPP (South African Institute of Black Property Practitioners) is a non-profit organization that aims to assist those in previously disadvantaged backgrounds with the opportunity to be actively involved in the South African property sector.  They aim to drive inclusive growth, youth participation, and broad-based involvement in the property sector … Read more

Tech-Capital Bursary 2022

The Tech-Capital Bursary Programme was established to help provide much-needed assistance to financially needy students who boast strong academic records, and have an interest in the broader IT sector. The Bursary is aimed at students with disabilities who plan on studying/are studying an Undergraduate Degree in an IT related field. … Read more

Mulilo Bursary Fund 2022

Mulilo is a South African independent renewable energy developer and strategic equity investor. Mulilo’s drive is to use the abundance of South Africa’s natural resources to develop clean and affordable electricity to supply to South Africa’s national electrical grid.  The Mulilo Bursary Fund has been developed to provide financial assistance … Read more

KwaZulu Natal Film Commission Bursary2022-2023

The KwaZulu Natal Film Commission Bursary is mostly aimed at disabled and previously disadvantaged students boasting strong academic records. The bursary was created to assist beneficiaries studying/wishing to study film, animation, and various other film-related Degrees at recognized Department of Higher Education and Training (DHET) tertiary institutions in Kwazulu Natal.  … Read more

Cecil Renaud Bursary 2022

The Cecil Renaud Bursary Programme is aimed at students who wish to study a Master’s or Doctorate Degree at any institution of higher learning in the United Kingdom.  Students are required to boast a strong academic record, having obtained an average of at least 60% for their Undergraduate Degree. Prospective applicants … Read more

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