ANFASA Bursary Grant for Authors | AGSA Bursary for Non-Fiction Authors

If you are currently in the process of completing research and writing a non-fictional piece, the ANFASA AGSA bursary may be of help to you. The grant ANFASA offers is intended to support writers to complete their work, and for example, take a leave from work

What is a non fictional work? This can be everything as long as it provides value. It could be a book about a historical event, a biography. it could be about sports, religion, music, theatre just to name a few.

The grant can help you take some time off from work and to conduct more research. You can also use it to travel to locations that are important for your research. In short, the grant is meant for writers who are doing the hard work that is necessary for writing a book and. This grant can help them by not being distracted by other means, like employment.

What Are the Requirements for the AGSA Bursary?

You need to satisfy some requirements before you are taking into consideration for this Grant.

  • You are currently working on a non-fictional piece. This can be both Academic or General. Excluded are Poetry, Drama and Novels
  • You can also apply if you are a new author and you can be a writer in any of the official languages.
  • You need to be an ANFASA member. If you are not a member yet ,you can register here.
  • Young authors who are still in the beginning of their careers are especially encouraged to apply

How To Apply for the ANFASA Grant?

You need to be a member of ANFSA before you apply. You can then either apply online or you can download their offline application form.

The questions in the application form are about the research you followed for your book and about your motivation to write your book.

Example questions are for example: When did you start writing? How far are you with your writing? And when do you expect to finish your book?

The AGSA grant is no more then R30 000, you will be expected to write a breakdown on how you will spend that money to finish your book if your application is successful.

An independent committee will decide who will be selected. They will select on most promising and most deserving.

Until When Can You Submit your Applications for the AGSA Grant?

The closing date fore this bursary is 31 July

ANFASA AGSA Bursary grant
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