Assmang Manganese Black Rock Mine Bursary 2023-2024

Assmang PTY Ltd is looking for new Bursars at their Black Rock Mining operations. The mine is located in Northern Cape, 80km of Kuruman. The Black Rock Mine bursary included Books, Accommodation and tuition fees. If you are looking for a bursary in (Mining) Engineering, this bursary might be something for you.

The bursary is available for students in the following fields of study:

Mining Engineering:

  • Bachelor of Technology: Mining Engineering
  • Advanced Diploma: Mining Engineering
  • Bachelor of Science: Mining Engineering

Rock Engineering:

  • Bachelor of Technology: Mining Engineering, Geology, Physics
  • Advanced Diploma: Mining Engineering, Geology, Physics
  • Bachelor of Science: Mining Engineering, Geology, Physics

Industrial Engineering:

  • Bachelor of Technology: Industrial Engineering
  • Advanced Diploma: Industrial Engineering
  • Bachelor of Science: Industrial Engineering
  • Bachelor of Engineering: Industrial Engineering

Electrical Engineering:

  • Bachelor of Technology: Electrical Engineering
  • Advanced Diploma: Electrical Engineering
  • Bachelor of Science: Engineering

Mechanical Engineering:

  • Bachelor of Technology: Mechanical Engineering
  • Advanced Diploma: Mechanical Engineering
  • Bachelor of Science: Engineering


  • Safety Management
  • Bachelor of Technology, Advanced Diploma, Bachelor of Science Engineering


  • Bachelor of Technology: Occupational hygiene
  • Advanced Diploma: Occupational hygiene
  • Bachelor: Occupational hygiene

When Will The Bursary Close?

The admission deadline is 01 April 2021

Selection Criteria for the Black Rock Mining Bursary

If you would like to apply for this bursary you will have to meet the following requirements. You also need to be studying in one of the study fields mentioned above.

For Matriculants

The minimum qualification level for people with Matric is a Bachelors pass/ University exemption with outstanding scores in Physical Science and Mathematics. They will give preference to students who are already accepted a ta University in the specified study fields. They will also give preference to students from disadvantaged backgrounds who have problems financing their study. Preference is also given to students from the local community in Northern Cape.

If you are already receiving another bursary, you will not be considered for this one.

For University Students

If you are a University students applying for this Bursary, you will need to follow the following requirements:

  • You are currently studying full time at a South African University or University of Technology
  • You are currently studying towards a Bachelors Degree, Advanced Diploma or Bachelor of Technology and in your 2nd, 3th or 4th year of study
  • You are studying in one of the fields mentioned above
  • You show great academic skills and you can show an average B-symbol and pass mark for all subjects. This includes the results for the final year examination and your admission to University
  • Preference is given to Students from disadvantaged Backgrounds and the local community in Northern Cape

If you are currently already receiving a Bursary, you will be excluded.

How to Apply?

If you believe this description has your name on it and if you meet all the requirements, it is time to apply for this bursary. You can send your CV and supporting documents to:

  1. By Mail:

2. Hand deliver your CV and requested documents to Main Guard House

3. Apply online for their bursaries through their job portal.

Please include the following documents

  • Certified copy of your ID
  • an Updated CV including all your recent achievements
  • Your recent Academic record this year AND from completed previous years. (University students)
  • Matric School report of last written November/December examinations (Matriculants)
  • Proof you are registered at a University or University of Technology
  • Official documents stating your Residential address

If You Are Selected

If you are shortlisted for their bursary, they will invite you for an interview, a psychometric evaluation and a medical fitness assessment as per their Health and Safety act 29/1996. They will also test you to see if everything on your CV is real. The obligations that come with the contract will be shown to you at your appointment.

You can download their job advert here