How to Unlock Your NSFAS Wallet With NSFAS Chat? Updated 2021

NSFAS has changed the way how they communicate with students who accidentally locked their NSFAS wallet. Instead of emailing or sending cases through their NSFAS connect system, they now have a new way to handle queries from students. For a few months, you are not able to use the NSFAS connect anymore and they replaced their system with NSFAS Chat.

So what changed? And how do you unlock your NSFAS wallet using their new system, NSFAS chat?

How to Reset Your NSFAS Wallet?

Your wallet will be blocked if you (accidentally) wrote your password wrong 3 times. NSFAS will block the account because of safety measures, they don’t want the wrong person to access your account and claim your funds. Forgetting your password is very annoying, especially if you were 100% sure you used the right password.

They will also block/lock your account when the system sees unusual activity in your myNSFAS account. The reason for this could be that you changed your cellphone number and you need to ask for a reset.

So you are annoyed, frustrated and now your account is blocked and you need to reset your NSFAS wallet. Where do you start?

1. To reset your NSFAS wallet you need to login to your myNSFAS account.

2. When you are logged into your account, click on NSFAS Chat. This will connect you to one of the consultants that will assist you.

3. In orde to assist you with resetting your account they will request you to provide your ID number, your cellphone number and your email address.

how to unlock your nsfas wallet
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Will everybody who is registered with NSFAS receive their funds through NSFAS Wallet? No, the following tvet colleges will receive their allowance through the wallet sytem

tvet collges that receive their allowance through nsfas wallet

How to Unblock your NSFAS Wallet?

There is a difference how NSFAS may block your account. Look closely on the message you see in your account. Does it say it is blocked or locked due to a wrong password? Or do you need a reset because you changed your cellphone number?

If your account is blocked they ask you kindly to send them an email to

In this email you will need to give them the following information:

  • Your ID number and a copy of your ID
  • Your full names (all of them) and your last name
  • Your cellphone number you registered the account with
  • Your email address you registered the account with
  • Your physical address where your live or, your postal address
  • Full description of your problem. What did you do to block your account and how can they help you?

If you send them all the correct details there will be a bigger chance they are able to unblock your account. Sending the wrong information or sending more than 1 query will only make the problem last longer.

How to unlock your NSFAS Wallet?

There is a subtle difference between unlocking and unblocking. Sending your case to the right email address will help you get your query solved faster. To unlock your wallet send an email to

Provide them with the following information accompanied in your email:

  • a copy of your ID and your ID number written
  • Your Full first names and last name
  • Your email address and cellphone number connected to your NSFAS account
  • Your physical address or postal address
  • Full description why you believe your account is locked and how they may assist you

It is important to describe very precisely what happened to your wallet. The more information you will give them, the sooner they are able to help you get your account unlocked

You Have a Different Question about NSFAS Wallet?

There is something else wrong with your account not listed in this article? Luckily NSFAS has an email address for everything, send your complete query to Enter the following information in your email:

  • Your ID number
  • Both your first names and last name
  • Your email address and cellphone number that you used to register your account
  • Your physical or postal address
  • The full description of your query

You Need Help But NSFAS is Not Responding?

You can find these messages everywhere at social media. People are fed up about how slow NSFAS is dealing with all the complaints and about funds not being released. Sadly there is no golden rule to solve all these problems but maybe there are a few things you could try in order to speed up the process.

Here are a few tips that might help you get an answer from NSFAS if they are not responding.

1. Don’t create duplicate cases. In your frustration you might think it is smart to create a new case because the older one takes to long. This is not a smart move and will flood the system with more cases. It will also be confusing for the consultants to see what is the active case. There is also a chance you will get in the end of the line because you just created a new case.

2. if you don’t get a response, try to connect with them using Twitter, Facebook or NSFAS Chat. Don’t try them all at once, but select 1 way to contact them and try to explain your situation. Make sure you have all your information at hand so if you connect to someone they are immediately able to help you. Don’t forget to write down your query case number, this will help them find your query.

3. Always stay polite to their consultants! Being mean to someone will never encourage them to provide better service. Always stay polite to the person that is trying to help you because a smile will give you more than an angry face or voice. Don’t talk to them when you are annoyed, but do it when you have cooled down a bit.

4. Try different contact hours. NSFAS is flooded with (angry) students who need their help to unlock their account. Try to contact them through social media (tip 2) at different hours in the morning, evening or even lunch time. You might get lucky to get through.

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