Citrus Academy Bursary

The Citrus Academy is a company that has been developed by the Citrus Growers Association of Southern Africa. The Citrus Academy aims to focus on the challenges in the citrus industry and so is centered around addressing low production skills levels, employment equity, scarce and critical skills, the quality of the skills delivery, as well as black economic empowerment.

The Citrus Academy offers two bursaries which are dedicated to addressing Black Economic Empowerment (BEE). It has 100% beneficiary recognition for the purposes of B-BBEE.

The Citrus Academy is inspired to offer education and growth to individuals wanting to successfully develop themselves and their careers within the industry.

Closing date of the bursary

The application dates for both bursaries are from the 1st of June to the 15th of September each year.

You will be notified by latest mid-December on the success of your application. At times it could be the middle of January the following year. 

About This Bursary

The citrus industry in Southern Africa is the largest exporter in the southern hemisphere and the second largest exporter in the world.

The Citrus Academy wants to develop their own employees as well as people wanting to enter the industry. This is to ensure that they have the best skills within the industry both locally and internationally.

The Citrus Academy offers two options – 

Firstly, the BEE Citrus Enterprise Support for internal training and development, and secondly the Tertiary Education Bursary Support.

Who Can Apply?

With the two different bursaries offered by the Citrus Academy, there are two options that offer completely different support. The first option is offered to employees within the citrus industry, and the second is offered to people wanting to enter the industry through tertiary education.


It is great as their focus is on both internal development and education, as well as external development and recruitment into the field. Due to this there are two different sets of requirements:

1. BEE Citrus Enterprise Support:

– Internal employees from any of the citrus companies can apply. The industry wants to work on educating and developing their own employees with quality formal education.

2. Tertiary Education Bursary Support:

– Anyone interested or wanting to move into a career in the citrus industry through citrus production or research within a tertiary institute.

– Citizen of South Africa or Zimbabwe.

– Studying fulltime or part-time at a registered tertiary academic institution.

– Going into their second year of study, or above.

What does this bursary cover?

As outlined above, the two bursaries are different and so they are covered in different ways:

1. BEE citrus enterprise bursary support

– The Citrus Academy funds a maximum of 50% of the student’s study costs.

– The Citrus Enterprise is responsible for the remainder of the fees, accommodation, books, etc.

**There are student obligations that apply here:

– Bursary Fund policy: Once completed, the student must work back the time taken for their studies at either the Citrus Enterprise, or at an organisation identified by the Citrus Enterprise.

2. Tertiary education support:

– The Citrus Academy provides funding to cover tuition, accommodation, meals, books and stationery, research costs (postgraduate students only), and other expenses related to the students’ studies.

**There are student obligations that apply here:

  • Sign a Bursary Agreement – to ensure that the student adheres to the academic standard.
  • Commit to the Citrus Academy Code of Conduct.
  • Work back time in the industry once the student has completed their studies – this must be at least equal to the time that the degree was funded for by the Bursary Fund. 

How to Apply?

Applying for the Citrus Academy bursaries requires several steps. These are outlined on the website. Because there are two different bursaries for the Citrus Academy, some of the steps are different so please ensure that you are on the correct one.

To access the online application on their website Click Here 

1. Select which bursary you want to apply for:

3. Select “Application Process”. This gives you the steps to that you need to follow.

Contact information

You can phone, email, or go to their offices to get in touch. In addition, if you go onto their website there is the option of having a WhatsApp chat.

Phone: 031-765-3410 / 3412 OR 086-546-7808                                                                                                       

Email address:


Address: Unit 8, 22 on Main, Cnr of Greenway Close and Old Main Road, Gillitts, KZN, 3610