Mechanical Engineering Bursaries 2021 -2022

mechanical engineering bursaries in SA

Mechanical Engineering revolves around the study of physics, engineering plus the science of materials. It is used daily in manufacturing, analysis, maintenance, and design of mechanical systems and more. This field includes the operation, design and production of machinery. Mechanical Engineering bursaries are offered by many companies in South Africa … Read more

Civil Engineering Bursaries 2021 -2022

Civil Engineering mainly focuses on management, maintenance, design and construction of naturally and human build environments. Civil Engineering can be broken down into multiple fields, these include structural engineering, environmental engineering, earthquake engineering, forensic engineering, transportation, materials, construction and many other fields of engineering. There are many civil engineering bursaries … Read more

Chemical Engineering Bursaries 2021 -2022

chemical engineering bursaries

Chemical Engineering is all about science. Life science including biochemistry and microbiology. Physical science including chemistry and physics. It is the study of chemicals, the way they are formed, they work and interact, are transformed and also transported within safe environments. Chemical Engineering bursaries cover many Engineering study fields in … Read more

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