General Bursaries 2023- 2024 South Africa: Bursaries Everybody Can Apply For!

General bursaries and bursaries presented into any direction for qualifying students. These can be offered by companies, Government Departments or through funding institutes. Most bursaries are to assist students to study towards a qualification and many are awarded according to financial need and student performance. Many of these general bursaries allow students access to study at Universities throughout South Africa, the University of Technology, FET Colleges and Agricultural Colleges. These bursaries are an investment in the future of the country and offered to students who meet the basic requirements.

Companies offering general bursaries

General Bursaries Requirements

The basic requirements for most companies and organizations are very similar and listed here. However, you must ensure that you meet all requirements as set out on the application or bursary advertisement as there may be additional requirements not mentioned here.

Basic stipulations could include:

  • Candidates must possess a valid ID document
  • Applicants must be a South African citizen
  • Proof of financial need must be submitted
  • ID copies of parents or guardians must be submitted
  • Candidates must hold a valid Grade 12 certification
  • Applicants must have a 60% grade for English and 50% for all other subjects
  • Depending on the field, some may require a 60% or higher for Science or Mathematics
  • Applicants must be registered with an Institute of Higher Learning

Candidates from rural areas, previously disadvantaged backgrounds and those with disabilities are encouraged to apply. Most of these bursaries may require students to sign an agreement to work for the company providing the bursary, for the same term as the bursary.

General Bursaries Available

There are bursaries for every field or career imaginable. Below we have listed some of the more frequently advertised bursary fields.

General Bursaries:

General Bursaries Application

With this modern age of technology general bursaries application online is made available by most companies. Some may have a downloadable application form and the form should usually be emailed back to the company with all required documentation.

Only complete applications will be considered. This means that if your application is missing documentation, not signed or completed in full, it will not be looked at. You must supply up-to-date contact detail and attach certified copies of all documentation required. Not all bursaries cover all costs but most include registration fees, examination fees, study material and basic accommodation.

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  1. I failed my grade 12 but in this year I was upgrading maths and physics ,so what should I do in order to be taken by this bursary?


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