Jakes Gerwel Fellowship 2022-2023 Grade 12 & Undergraduate Bursaries

The Jakes Gerwel Fellowship is a full University fellowship. It is funded by the Allan Gray Orbis Foundation. If you are studying at the University of Cape Town or the University of Pretoria, the Jakes Gerwel Fellowship is an aspiring way to develop your passion for Education and Teaching.

About the Jakes Gerwel Foundation Fellowship

The legacy of Jakes Gerwel goes back to the time of Nelson Mandela. Jakes Gerwel was a Professor and a close confident to Nelson Mandela. The fellowship carries his name as the foundation wants to inspire students to excel and improve the education system by itself by becoming a teacher.

Their philosophy is ” Why not becoming a teacher”. Their program hopes to develop teachers with strong leadership through the help of extensive mentoring. Their are 3 entry points for this fellowship, namely at Grade 12 level, 1st year level and final year students. Keep on reading if you want to know how to become a fellow

Who Can Apply For this Fellowship?

They have 3 entry levels for their fellowship. Lets begin with the students who are busy completing their Matric or who have a gap year.

Grade 12 Students And First Year Students

If you want to apply for this fellowship, you will need to satisy the following items

  • You need an average of 65% for your final Grade 11 grade (life orientation not included)
  • If you are in a Gap year, you will need an average of 65% for your Grade 12 results (life orientation not included)
  • If you are in your first year of University, you will need the above average AND show you can hold a minimum 60% score on your first year subjects

Besides these Grade requirements you will also need to follow these additional requirements.

  • You are a permanent resident of South Africa and you have a vali ID
  • When you apply you must be younger then 23 years of age
  • You are expected to complete a 3 year BSc at the University of Cape town or Pretoria AND then continue for your PGCE
  • When you completed your PGCE, you will be expected to teach at an SA High School
  • You are expected to apply for both Universities and the Jakes Gerwel Fellowship can not influence the outcome of the application

Final Year Undergraduate Students and Graduate Students

The PGCE prepares graduates with an intensive 1 year programme for their career in teaching. It will enable you to be registered at SACE (South African Council for Educators) as a qualified teacher.

During the PGCE you will develop how to teach and not what to teach. You will learn to implement what you have learned in your Bcomm, BA or BSc degree.

if you want to apply for the PGCE intake, the following requirements should be satisfied:

  • You are in the possession of a valid ID and a permanent resident of South Africa.
  • You can not be older then 29 years of age when you apply
  • When you completed your PGCE, it is expected you will teach at a SA High School.
  • You must ensure that you applied for all partner Universities for your PGCE course and Jakes Gerwel can not influence at which University you will be placed. Partner Universities are: Cape Town, Pretoria, Wits and Johannesburg.

What Does The Bursary Cover?

The bursary covers the following expenses:

  • Accomodation and Meals
  • Tutoring and Books
  • A Monthly Stipend
  • Leadership Development and Academic Support
  • Personal Coaching
  • Expert Mentor

How to Apply For The Jakes Gerwel Fellowship?

If you want to become a fellow you will need to apply online at the JG fellowship website. There you choose which entry group you are part of; Grade 12, First-year student, or Undergraduate/Graduate.

Follow the steps and make sure you complete all questions.

Selection Process

  1. Complete your online application
  2. Wait for the Telephone Interviews (if selected)
  3. a 3 Day selection Camp
  4. Become a Candidate Fellow

You can sign up for their online webinars or watch back old webinars to understand the application process better.

Closing Date JG Fellowship

The closing dates are as follows:

Grade 12: 31 July

Undergraduate: University of Cape Town 31 July and for University of Pretoria 30 September

jakes gerwel fellowship
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