How To Find Your NSFAS Reference Number?

If you apply for NSFAS to receive their funding, they will send you a NSFAS reference number. Every account with NSFAS has a reference number and it is very important to write it down and keep it safe. But what if you have lost your reference number, don’t know what it is or can’t find it in your account? How do you find your NSFAS reference number?

What is the NSFAS Reference number?

When you are in the proces of applying for NSFAS, you will have to make an account at their website. But opening an account is not enough to finish the application process. Only after you have opened an account are you able to start the real application process. You will have to write down important information and upload certain documents.

After you have submitted your information you will receive a reference number. This is a unique number for your account and this is very useful for NSFAS to immediately find your account and application status.

The reference number is also proof that NSFAS has successfully received your application. If you did not receive a reference number after you send your documents, that means something went wrong and they did not receive your email and application. You will receive this unique number through email or SMS

How do you find your NSFAS reference number?

If you have send through your documents and application, you will receive your unique NSFAS reference number by email or SMS. It is also visible inside your myNSFAS account. Below is an example where you can find your application number in your account and during your application process.

How To Find Your NSFAS Reference Number?
example of nsfas reference number

How to Recover your myNSFAS Reference Number?

You can’t actually loose your registration number because it is always visible inside your account. if you login to your account you are able to see it. Ofcourse you ARE able to lose or forget your credentials to your account which in effect is the same thing. You can read here how to reset your myNSFAS portal password and receive a new password within 5 minutes. You can’t request a new nsfas reference number because each number is unique and connected to 1 account, you can only retrieve it using the above method or by contacting NSFAS directly

Alternatively you can always contact NSFAS through

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