Imperial Stellenbosch Bursary 2022

The Imperial Stellenbosch Bursary is aimed at providing postgraduate students with the opportunity to further their qualifications. Postgraduate students are encouraged to apply with Stellenbosch University who has partnered with Imperial to address the issues facing modern society today. Imperial plans to provide bursary opportunities to postgraduate students from 2021 … Read more

Mulilo Bursary Fund 2022

Mulilo is a South African independent renewable energy developer and strategic equity investor. Mulilo’s drive is to use the abundance of South Africa’s natural resources to develop clean and affordable electricity to supply to South Africa’s national electrical grid.  The Mulilo Bursary Fund has been developed to provide financial assistance … Read more

DWS Department of Water and Sanitation Bursary 2022

The Department of Water and Sanitation Bursary is providing the opportunity for financial backing to students who are looking to pursue a field of study in the water and sanitation sector. The Department of Water and Sanitation is one of the country’s government departments responsible for maintaining clean water and … Read more

Sage Bursary 2022 Sage Group Software Bursary

Sage South Africa was formerly referred to as the Sage Group and is a South African software company, providing various services and solutions to both small and medium businesses.  These software solutions and services assist companies with their accounting and payroll needs as well as assisting in the field of … Read more

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