Glencore XSTRATA Bursaries 2020 -2021

Xstrata/Glencore mine believes in values and making a difference.  They offer equal opportunities with less red tape.  They see themselves as being different from other mines while also encouraging individualism within the workforce, as no two people are the same.  They care deeply for the community, building lasting relationships with ‘safe ethical work practice’.  They believe in the abilities of their workers, education, experience as well as responsibility.

If you are motivated, see yourself as a decision maker that grabs at each and every opportunity, with both hands.  Then this is the ideal place to start.  With one of these bursaries, you can open doors to a secure, safe and successful career.  Their employees grow as a team, but moreover, as a family and friendships are formed.  With Xstrata/Glencore you will get recognition when it is earned, you can reap the rewards of a fulfilling life.

The Glencore XSTRATA bursary scheme identifies the significance of not only developing but furthermore also upholding a sturdy professional workforce.  Therefore, they are committed to continually grow, by empowering new talented individuals.  This is an assurance to your future, over and above that of the company.  They believe in diversity and equal employment opportunities, besides the safety and community promotion they stand steadfastly by.

With them, your future will not only look bright but be a rising star.  They have multiple projects in the pipeline, offering prospects great development predictions.  Each candidate that is successfully awarded a bursary will be required to sign a service obligation.

Glencore XSTRATA Bursaries will also include the following:

  • Registration fees
  • Tuition fees
  • Residence fees
  • Meal fees
  • Prescribed textbooks as is required
  • A personal allowance
  • Laptop along with a printer
  • Paid vacation work with the company
  • All obligatory seminars and excursions will be covered

Glencore XSTRATA Bursaries Available

The following career paths will be available for study, depending on the need of the company at the time.

  • Mining Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Financial Management (B Com)
  • Geology Discipline

Glencore XSTRATA Bursary Requirements

If you intend on applying for such a bursary from Xstrata/Glencore, candidates will need the following.

For Engineering Disciplines:

  • English with a 60 – 69 % minimum (level 5)
  • Mathematics and Science with a 70 – 79 % minimum (level 6)
  • Adhere to all other pre-requirements of Institute of Higher Learning

For Finance Disciplines:

  • English with a 60 – 69 % minimum (level 5)
  • Mathematics and Accounting with a 60 – 69 % minimum (level 5)

Shared requirements:

  • Candidates must be South African citizens
  • Candidates must be fit enough to gain a valid fitness certificate before bursary will be finalized or have one.  This certificate must be in compliance to the Mine’s Health & Safety Act.

Glencore XSTRATA Bursary Opportunities

You can also apply for their Graduate Recruitment Scheme.  This opportunity is however only a short-term placement or apprenticeship.  It gives candidates an extra foot up in achieving Graduate Level Roles.  These placements are available over a wide range of fields.

These fields are as follow:

Here you will become equipped with greatly needed skills, via guidance from experts, to ensure a skilled future workforce.  This is an – on the job cooperation, delivering an excessive experience to each candidate.  You will be learning from the best in each field.

Xstrata / Glencore offers summer or vacation work to talented individuals, as well as apprenticeships and intern positions.  There is a wide world waiting just for you.  Open the doors and be welcomed within.

Glencore XSTRATA Bursaries Application Forms

For online bursaries applications, you can have a look Here and at their website as there is presently not available.  Additionally, you can also inquire at

Candidates are urged to please include the following in their application:

  • An application letter including what Grade you are studying (Grade 12, 1st Year, etc.)
  • Also, include why you are the best suited for this bursary
  • A certified copy of your valid South African ID
  • A certified copy of your latest academic results (candidates in Grade 12 can send Grade 11 results)
  • The preference in field of study or current study

Glencore XSTRATA Bursaries Closing Date

Closing dates may vary, depending on the bursary.  However, most applications have to be in by the end of May each year.  Please note, if you have not heard anything within 21 days after closing date, you may deem your application as unsuccessful.  No documentation, CV’s or forms will be returned to candidates.  Therefore, it is vital to only include certified copies.

If you are into mining and would love to pursue a career with this company, send your applications in today.

Good luck to all, may your year be filled with surprises.

Harmony Gold Bursaries 2020 -2021

As one of the third largest gold producing mines within South Africa, Harmony Gold is also known as one of the largest gold mining groups in the world.  Their contributions and growth have been exceptional during their 60 plus years of mining.  There are mainly two countries hosting Harmony Gold mines, these are South Africa and Papua New Guinea.  The South African operations consist of only 1 open-cast mine, several surface operations as well as 10 underground mines.  Harmony Gold has established their head office in Randfontein, South Africa.

Harmony Gold provides employment for a great many South Africans as well as opportunities to develop skills and talents.  They believe in delivering value and aiding talented candidates to reach their dreams.  The harmony Gold bursary program is there to provide opportunities for selected students to complete studies at Institutes of Higher Learning.  Their bursaries are made available to candidates just starting their studies at the accredited institutes as well as candidates who are already studying in one of their fields available.

Harmony Gold bursaries include the following for successful candidates who are awarded a bursary:

  • Full tuition fees
  • Full accommodation fees
  • Fees for the required / prescribed books
  • A personal allowance will also be given to candidates

Harmony Gold seeks candidates with vision, motivation and a drive to flourish.  Their bursaries will aid in providing these candidates with the knowledge, skills plus qualifications needed to succeed.

Harmony Gold Bursaries Available

Candidates can have a look at the following fields of study when applying for a bursary with Harmony Gold:

Harmony Gold Bursary Program Requirements

Candidates interested in applying for a bursary with Harmony Gold will also need the following documentation:

  • Students must be a South African citizen.
  • Applicants must have a valid ID book or card.
  • Students must supply full academic records.
  • You must provide proof of financial aid requirements.
  • Students must be registered for study at an institute of higher learning for the following year.
  • Candidates who apply for Geology or Science Degrees must have a minimum of a Level 5 for Science as well as Mathematics, Mathematics Literacy is not acceptable.
  • Students who apply for Engineering must have a minimum of a Level 6 for Science as well as Mathematics, Mathematics Literacy is not acceptable.

Candidates from a disadvantaged background will receive preference when applying.

Harmony gold bursary application form 2018

For the online bursary  application please feel free to visit Harmony Gold and see what they have available for you.  All candidates must ensure that the application is completed fully and all documentation attached.  Candidates can also have a look at the additional opportunities that Harmony Gold has to offer via their website.

Closing Date for the Harmony Gold Bursary

The closing date for Harmony Gold bursary applications is usually the end of May and they open the 1st of January yearly.

Candidates are urged to keep an eye on their web page for other opportunities as well as additional closing dates.  Some may only open in the middle of March and close the end of August.

Candidates interested in any of the fields mentioned above must also remember that successful applicants will be asked to enter into a work contract with Harmony Gold for a period as agreed upon.  The details stipulated in the contract will be discussed with qualifying candidates.

Aurecon Bursaries Program 2020 -2021 For Engineering

Aurecon provides financial aid for passionately driven individuals with innovativeness to become great leaders in the Engineering field.  Their bursary program offers top performing students and scholars the opportunity to gain an Engineering Degree at a number of recognized Universities.  They invest in a range of bursary programs that are awarded yearly to deserving candidates in a variety of study fields that is related to the current need of the company.

Students from the different Universities that are studying towards Bend / BSc in Mechanical, Structural, Civil or Electrical for a professional career as Engineer are welcomed to apply. Aurecon provides R80 000-00 per year towards the study fees, accommodation, book fees and more for each candidate although it is subject to change.  They also provide their candidates with the required practical training as stipulated by the University of the Candidate in the required field. 

Aurecon Bursaries for Engineering Available

The following study fields are available for candidates to consider:

Aurecon Bursaries Requirements

Candidates are required to have the following:

  • Students must be South African citizens with a valid ID Book / Card.
  • A student in Grade 12 / Matric needs Mathematics on Higher Grade with a five symbol.
  • A student in Grade 12 / Matric needs Physical Science on Higher Grade with a five symbol.
  • Students in Grade 12 / Matric needs to provide their academic results (official report).
  • Students in Grade 12 / Matric must have an acceptance letter from their chosen University for the field of study they are applying for.
  • For students in University 1st, 2nd and 3rd year studying in one of the fields mentioned above need to maintain a 70% average to apply.
  • For students in University 1st, 2nd and 3rd year studying a National Senior Certificate or an equivalent must be provided.

Students need to keep their academic performance at its high levels for the bursary to be renewed yearly.

Aurecon Bursaries Application

Bursaries online application can be found here and for any other detail visit Aurecon directly.

Candidates must ensure that the application is fully completed and all documentation required must accompany it and be certified.

Also, visit their site for Graduate applications and also Vacant Student application in South Africa, New Zealand, and Australia here or follow them on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn

Aurecon Bursaries Closing Date

The closing date for applications is usually around the middle of August each year although candidates should ensure all needed documentation as well as the application ought to reach them ahead of the closing date.  Applications open again in February each year and candidates are urged to visit their site for applications and more details.

Become a leader in the Engineering industry and work with like-minded individuals to make a difference.  If these are your fields then make sure you have all you need by preparing now and applying as soon as applications are made available in February.

Gold Fields Bursaries 2020 -2021

There are a limited number of Gold Fields bursaries made available to students aiming for a bachelor’s degree and to work within the engineering and mining sectors.  Gold Fields wishes to also employ these candidates and thus they aim to assist talented students in these fields.  Their bursaries usually cover Registration and Tuition fees at a South African University, two payments yearly towards living costs as well as two payments yearly towards book fees and related fees.  In addition, a selected student can apply once-off for a computer allowance but only in their second-year studies with specific terms and conditions.  There are also study possibilities for Technikon.

Gold Fields Bursaries Available for African Students

The company has the following fields of study available for successful candidates for University and all are BSc courses:

The company also has the following fields of study available for successful candidates for Technikon study:

  • Mining Engineering
  • Chemical Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Electrical Engineering (Heavy and Light Current)
  • Extraction Metallurgy
  • Environmental Management
  • Mine Survey
  • Finance

Gold Fields Bursaries Requirements

Students must provide the following documentation to qualify for a bursary:

  • Students must be South African citizens.
  • Applicants must have a need for financial aid.
  • Students who are currently studying at a South African University full-time or intends on doing so towards a degree in one of the fields of study above.
  • You must be able to provide their Grade 11 & Grade 12 results or progress of Grade 12 if still in Grade 12.
  • Students must, at least, have a level 6 for Mathematics and Physical Science or higher.
  • Candidates must have an acceptance letter or proof of acceptance by the University for the mentioned Degree in the field of study as implied on the application form.
  • Students who intend to study full-time from the year following their application may apply.
  • Applicants studying first-year and turning 21 in that year or students in their second year turning no older than 23 in the fields mentioned above may also apply.

Upon acceptance of the bursary students agree to work for Gold Fields or any of its nominee’s for the same period as the bursary term.  Therefore, if the student received a 3-year study bursary the student is obligated to a 3-year service contract.

Gold Fields Bursary Opportunities

The company also offers opportunities for Graduates, Apprenticeships as well as Vacation work for Students.  Gain a better start with the aid of Gold Fields opportunities and programs on offer and build your skills.  Learn from their professionals and gain working experience in the process within a safe environment offering challenging and rewarding advances to any career.

Students interested can access their web page although more information is only made available closer to the time of availability.

Gold Fields Bursaries Application

Bursaries online applications are not available but students can complete the bursary forms and with all required documentation send it to the following address:

The Bursary Administrator

Gold Fields Business and Leadership


Private Bag X11



For more information feel free to have a look at Gold Fields online web page although applications are closed at the moment.  Also, keep in mind that Gold Fields will not be held responsible for keeping or guarding any documentation received.  Students are asked to only send legible copies of needed documentation as the originals will need to accompany selected students to their interview.

The selection process will be as follow:

  • Students who apply will receive their forms during February and/or May each year for the fields of study available.
  • Students who make the shortlist of candidates will be required to do a medical examination or already have a medical fitness certificate that is valid for the University they will be attending.  These students will also be asked to partake in a psychometric test.
  • Students who receive bursaries will need to sign a bursary agreement upon acceptance stating all terms and conditions.
  • Selection will also depend on the acceptance from the University in the desired field of study for students in accordance for the year of commencement.
  • Qualifying students will be selected by Gold Fields.

Gold Fields Bursaries Closing Date

Closing date for applications each year is the end of June and no late applications will be considered.  You will receive a response within a month from the closing date if you qualified for the bursary.  If you do not receive any communication within a month from the closing date your application has been unsuccessful and there will be no communications further.

Murray & Roberts Bursaries 2020 -2021

About Murray & Roberts Bursaries

The best of the best students from South Africa are invited by Murray & Roberts to apply for Murray & Roberts bursaries in the offered study fields.  Candidates with a desire and passion for Engineering and Construction wanting to be part of a global organization are more than welcome to apply for these bursaries yearly.

The company does, however, require successful candidates to sign a bursary loan agreement with selected terms and conditions.  The student will enjoy the benefit of having all Tuition, Registration, and Examination fees paid yearly as well as all needed study books or guides.  The company will also provide the student with University paid accommodation and meals unless otherwise stated and student requests the equal amount to be paid out.  In this case, students will be required to prove that the money is used for accommodation, meals, and transport monthly.   

Murray & Roberts Bursaries Available

The following fields of study are available for successful candidates:

Murray & Roberts Bursaries Requirements

Successful candidates for the Murray & Roberts Bursary Programme will be required to provide the following documentation and it has to accompany their application:

  • Must be a South African citizen with a valid ID Book or ID Card.
  • All students must have an average of 65% or higher academically.
  • Students must have Mathematics and Science as subjects.
  • Provide their academic results or Grade 12 exemption certificate where applicable.
  • You need to provide proof of acceptance at one of the acceptable Universities for study allowed by Murray & Roberts for the chosen field of study as well as for the year of study.
  • Students already studying in one of these fields and at a University accepted by Murray & Roberts may also apply.

Graduates are required to work for the company the equal amount of years to that of the bursary awarded whereby any suspension periods would be included.  The terms of employment required will however not included any in-service training received and will be instated upon successful completion of studies.

Murray & Roberts Bursary Opportunities

The company also offers a number of employment opportunities to students who are South African citizens with less than 2 years employment history.  Candidates applying for this opportunity must be prepared to work anywhere in South Africa where they are needed.  Selection will also be determined upon the leadership ability, activities, and achievements of the candidates.  During this time, the selected candidates will receive all company benefits and a monthly salary that is market-related also including medical and pension.

Successful candidates will receive mentorship from professionals in their field of study in addition to relevant work experience. A program coordinator will aid them in the structuring of their program.  Executives from within the company always have a keen interest in the graduates. Thus, they will receive the needed exposure to ensure accomplishment of the program objectives.  Murray & Roberts also provides the needed training and support for specialized registration.

Upon completion of the year period, you will also be able to stay on and be placed according to your skills and interests in a suitable area and position.  Your career within the company will be determined by your own performance and competence and also the opportunities available at the company.  You can now also aid others like yourself by becoming part of the Murray & Roberts Graduate Development Program that you have just completed.

Murray & Roberts Bursaries Application

Bursaries online applications are possible but they are closed currently.  To check when they do become available, you can go to the Murray & Roberts bursary information page on their website.

For any other queries concerning their bursaries, you can also contact Zazel Sale at Alternatively, mail them at

Murray & Roberts Bursaries Closing Date

Closing dates for applications are usually the beginning of June each year.  So, if you are into studying BSc, B Tech or even B Eng in any of the fields mentioned above do not delay. Get all your documents ready for when applications open.  The company provides equal opportunities according to the Employment Equity Act.