Top 10 Ways to Succeed in University

University world is quite unlike any other. It’s fun, crazy, stressful, and exciting all in one. It’s usually known for the time in your life where you are in between having no responsibilities and entering the workforce to full fledged responsibilities. That begin said however, it is a very important time in which you need to make sure you succeed.

So how exactly do you make sure that’s done? Here are 10 tips for succeeding in university. Give them a go!

1 Get a planner

 You will have multiple class with multiple assignments due at different times. You need to get organized! Even if you’re only going to school part time, you will still have a hard time remembering your school and work schedule together. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy, just a basic planner will do, but it’ll be a life saver!

2 Attend your classes

Pretty obvious, right? But in all seriousness, there are many students who, after a while, feel that actually going to class isn’t important or needed. Although you may be able to pass the class that way, it’s not setting yourself up correctly in the end. You need to have good habits and keep on top of them though out your college career if you really want to succeed.

3 Don’t procrastinate

This is a big one that if you follow, will save you from a lot of stress. University should be a challenge and a lot of work, but you don’t need to make it any harder on yourself by waiting until the last minute to start and complete assignments. Professors generally give adequate time to do homework, so use that planner to break the assignment down into manageable parts at a time.

4 Join a study group, or create one yourself

Your peers are in the same boat as you. You should want to surround yourself with other students that are looking to do well. You can all help each other, and sometimes it’s just nice to sit and do homework with other people, even if you are working on different things. If you are all from the same class, you could get creative and play some review games before a quiz or exam, for example.

5 Find the right friends

In the previous point, it said to surround yourself with like-minded people. Don’t just use that advice when studying! Your friends influence you greatly, no matter who independent you are. Yes, you should have fun and enjoy their company, but you should know when things and attitudes are starting to get out of sync with the success you want for yourself.

6 Choose a major you love

Choosing a Major for the field of study that is important to you, and you are passionate about is practically half the battle. Once you have found something to invest yourself in, you’ll find school to be a lot more enjoyable.

7 Get your professors to know your name

Some classes can be massive, and professors often have multiple classes with many students. You’ll be ahead of the game if your professor knows your name. You can do this by participating in class, going to office hours to ask questions, submitting drafts for finals, etc. Seeing a correlation here? The things you can do to get your professor to notice you are great university practices anyway!

8 Learn some “note taking skills”

Learn the difference between what’s relevant to write down during lectures and when reading, and what’s not. You don’t want to take the time to make notes that won’t actually help you in the end.

9 Be healthy

Living a healthy lifestyle will make you feel better overall, but with regards to university, it helps you focus more. Get the right amount of sleep, do some exercise, try to eat right, and it’ll make school that much easier, instead of being groggy and hungry.

10 Have fun

Balance is key. You may find learning enjoyable in itself, and if you do then congratulations. If you don’t find it thrilling (to be honest, most students don’t), you still need to have fun outside of university with your friends. Join a club or go to a party and relax a bit!

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