Traits to Look for in a Company Before You Sign a Contract

Often if you find yourself applying for and getting a bursary, you will have some sort of agreement with the company supplying it. It only makes sense that after investing in you, they would want to hire you. Even if some sort of work with the company supplying the bursary isn’t initially lined up, by completing your studies in a timely fashion and with good grades, you may have a foot in the door with them when you enter the workforce. However, are they the right company for you?

Especially when first starting out, many people are excited and feel blessed to receive a job offer. What they don’t often think about is if the particular offer will turn out to be best for the in the long run.

The following are things you should consider before going accepting work with any company. It’s important that you feel 100% comfortable taking the job since it could lead to a lifelong happy career.

A positive background story

Every company got started somehow. How did your potential employer start out? What values and core ideas do they use as the foundation of their business?

It doesn’t have to be a feel-good story that many smaller family-run company have, but it should give you some insight to how they got to where they are today.

Good moral with current employees

This is a big one. Be careful though, because many people love to complain about their jobs, so learn to tell the difference between typical venting and real problems. Get in touch with current employees before you sign on so you can see what they think about where you might be working in the future. If they are happy, chances are you will be too.

Reputation in the community

What standings does the company have within the community or the world? Does it have a good reputation for the types of business practices that it employs? Even though you may not care about what others think, do you really want to be associated with a company that isn’t held in high regard?

Positive vibes during the interview

Think back to your interview. You were probably focused on if you were giving good, strong answers. Now think about the flip-side. Where they asking questions and expressing that showed they really cared about the employees to be hired? If it was your direct to-be boss interviewing you, think even harder. Was he/she the type of person you can see yourself working for? You should be vetting them just as much as they are vetting you.

Offers some flexibility

Things in life come up. Will your company be flexible with emergencies and vacations within reason?

Offers professional development

Is there a chance to climb the ladder? If not and you are being considered for your dream position already, ask about professional development. You want to be the best at what you do and always continue growing. If it isn’t offered directly by the company, would they be flexible with you attending workshops or seeking out development yourself?

A good working environment

It doesn’t have to be a “fun” working environment, but ideally you would look forward to going to work every morning because you love your job and the people you are surrounded by. Opinions are discussed and taken into consideration, and just maybe there is a “word hard, play hard” type of vibe going on.

Job stability and security

Job stability and job security are big issues that are constantly talked about, and for good reason. You don’t want to take a job and then start to question if it’ll be there for you next year. How long have other employees been working there? Can you research how well the company is doing in current times?

Of course, this also includes looking closely at pay and benefits. A good indication of job stability is if there are consistent opportunities for raises over time.


More likely than not, you hold yourself to a high standard. You have worked hard to earn a spot in any business. Does the company you plan on working for also set high standards for themselves as a whole? Is there mutual respect all around?

As you can see, you have a lot of thinking to do. Don’t just accept the first offer thrown at you. You want to like them as much as they like you before you enter into a working relationship.

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