7 Reasons Why You Should Join A Student Organization Or Club

The first year of university can be intimidating, especially for the introvert and for those going to a school where they don’t know anyone. Some look at it as a chance to recreate themselves, starting afresh… while others arrive on move-in day unsure about their social life and how to begin this new chapter without … Read more

How To Get Off The Waitlist & Admitted To University

So, you’ve been waitlisted; bummer, we know. But it isn’t the end of the world! The beauty of being waitlisted is that the university admissions team saw enough in you and your application that they didn’t want to write you off completely. A waitlist is a curveball thrown by a university’s admissions committee, but there … Read more

Tips for Studying Abroad – Part I

Anyone who has studied abroad would tell prospective students that they simply have to do it, if they can make it work. Studying abroad is an incredibly fulfilling and humbling experience that leaves students with a serious case of the travel bug. It’s an awesome opportunity to step outside of your comfort zone and experience … Read more

How To Navigate The “Why THIS College” Essay Question

One of the most common university application essay questions asks prospective students why they want to attend *THIS* particular school. Of the thousands of options, what made you choose school X over school Y? It’s a seemingly simple question that may look like a good opportunity to toot the horns of the admissions officers, but … Read more