Bursaries for Undergraduates 2021 -2022

South Africa is a diverse country with a variety of people, religions, and educational opportunities. However, becoming educated requires large amounts of money which are something that is not always available. Therefore, paying for further studies to get a degree or higher qualification is a big issue.

University and college funding per year can be between R20 000 up to R30 000 for minor studies. If a candidate wants to study a specialized profession costs could rise significantly. Many of the undergraduate studies run over a 4 or 5-year program. Which can make even the lowest fees almost impossible for a normal household!

There is other options for candidates to consider and bursaries for undergraduates is one. Candidates will be required to meet certain specifications and these will depend on the company or institute that offers the bursary. Candidates can also look at student loans, National finance, University financial aid and other options.

Although each bursary program will have their own requirements, there are some basic similarities that are needed by most. These stipulations may include the following:

  • Candidates must be a South African citizen
  • Candidates must hold a valid ID document
  • Candidates must have a valid Matric Certification
  • Candidates must have completed their first, second or even in some cases their third year of study
  • Candidates may need a diploma within a specific field of study

Bursaries for Undergraduates available

There are variety of companies offering bursaries for undergraduates, some of these are:

There are applications all field through these and more companies. Candidates may also seek financial aid via a University, funding programs or through National aid. There is also student loans to consider and external nursery funding opportunities. Each program will have a set closing date and information on most of these opportunities can be found either on a company’s website, through a University or other online sites.

Some may cover all fees, some may only give a specified amount yearly towards the field of study and other could cover half the costs and expenses. These will vary and depend on the bursary funding committee, company or financial institute.

Bursaries for undergraduates is a great way to get your life on track, to become educated and get your dream job. So if you know what you want and you have the motivation, but need financing, consider a bursary for undergraduates.

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