Hatch Bursary MDDOP 2022-2023

The Hatch MDDOP is a financial aid program established to assist students who wish to pursue a major engineering career. Hatch’s MDDOP Bursary is aimed toward engineering students who will need cover for study-related fees, and have an interest in vacation work. This bursary is part of Hatch’s initiative to … Read more

Astron Energy Bursary Programme 2022-2023

As one of the leading suppliers of petroleum products in South Africa, Astron Energy has an extensive network of over 850 Caltex branded service stations. They own and operate the country’s third-largest crude oil refinery in Cape Town; petrol, diesel, jet fuel, LPG, bitumen gas, and other products are produced, with … Read more

Implats Bursary – Impala Platinum

implats bursary impala platinum

The Implats Bursary programme is aimed at students who display strong leadership abilities, boasting good communication skills while having the capacity to perform under pressure. The Implats Bursary Programme provides financial assistance to students studying various mining related degrees.   Impala Platinum Holdings (Implats) owns various companies that specialise in mining. … Read more

Columbus Stainless Bursary 2022-2023

columbus stainless bursary

The Columbus Stainless Bursary Programme aims to provide financial assistance to exceptional, professionally and academically minded students. Prospective applicants are those who enjoy the thrill of exciting and new challenges. The Columbus Stainless Bursary Programme is aimed at students who study and excel in engineering and other related sciences.  Columbus … Read more

PPC Bursary 2022-2023 for Mining & Engineering

ppc bursary

PPC is a company that believes in a healthy, rewarding, and fulfilling working environment to encourage team members to contribute to sustainable growth and achieve the organisation’s values and objectives. The PPC Bursary programme is designed for those who display loyalty, hard work, and perseverance. Those who are motivated to go the … Read more

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