Civil Engineering Internships

Do you enjoy building things or studying blueprints? Do you have a strong background in engineering? If this sounds like you, an internship in South Africa may be an opportunity that shouldn’t be passed by. There are several companies in South Africa who seek qualified and are offering Civil Engineering Internships.

Internships can last from 6 months to 3 years, with some candidates finding permanent employment. You can build up your resume while traveling and learning new skills for your career. If you are between the ages of 18-35, you may qualify for this type of internship.

Here are some companies offering Civil Engineering Internships in South Africa

  • Perkin Elmer focuses on the improvement of health and safety standards for businesses and schools. Interns will learn government regulations and the best operating procedures.
  • ABB is in the business of providing power capability throughout Africa. Candidates will be introduced to cutting edge electricity grid technology as well as conservation techniques.
  • Unilever is a company which provides all types of personal hygiene and sanitary needs. Interns will be exposed to the manufacturing aspect of producing household name products.
  • Hatch Goba is, a private company, dedicated to improving the quality of life through better buildings and roads. You will be a part of a team who uses strategic management for new and improved ways to help cities function.
  • Sandvik is an international company that produces tools and systems for clients. Interns will have access to modern, cutting edge technology.
  • Eskom
  • Transnet

Civil Engineering Internships Available Fields

Some of the areas of expertise are:

  • Structural or Materials Specialist
  • Environmental or Geotechnical Engineer
  • Structural Management Engineer
  • Projects Supervisor
  • Construction Costs Planning and Budget
  • Auditor
  • Bridges and Roads Management

Candidates for this position will work with actual projects for home building, road construction, bridge design, museum improvements, factories and city structures. The internship provides hands-on training in your field. You will work alongside experts in the field of Civil Engineering. Candidates gain extensive knowledge that goes way past the classroom.

Each of these companies provide unparalleled opportunities for an intern. As you learn and train, you will also become part of a team dedicated to helping make life better for everyone. The application process is different for each organization, so please search their website for specific qualifications and application procedure.

Civil Engineering Internships Requirements

Basic Requirements for Intern applicants:

• Must be a citizen of South Africa
• Must have 12 grade or Matric Certificate
• One year work experience is preferred
• Must have reliable transportation
• Must have a minimum of 65% in academic transcripts
• Must be proficient with computer programs
• Fluent in English

How to Apply for Civil Engineering Internships?

If you meet these requirements, an Internship for Civil Engineering in South Africa may be just the next career step for you. Once you find your company’s application, make sure to fill it out completely. Documentation must be attached to prove eligibility. Don’t forget to outline your previous experience and relevant training. Most companies only contact the top tier of candidates, so if you haven’t heard from the company in three months, feel free to apply other places.

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